Aquarium care: it is not simple

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The whole world could be seen in transparent glasses of an aquarium: the emerald seaweed, multi-colored small fishes that are scurrying about in different directions, in some cases the remains of the ancient ship and the crystal water disturbed by easy ripples from the movements of water inhabitants.

Exotic fish aquarium care is not for the beginners.

However, an aquarium is one of the few elements of our flat design. It is able to bring a special and unique look to any premise, as well as to create atmosphere of tranquility and a universe.

Gold fish aquarium care is a very interesting hobby.

But frankly speaking it is not simple to keep your aquarium clean. Why? - The matter is that in aquarium water as well as on its walls the waste products, which are produced by tank inhabitants, constantly accumulate.

Home aquarium care should be done regularly.

According to the specialists’ point of view it is necessary to clean aquariums with cold water not less than 1-2 times a week, containers with warm water - few times in a month. For this purpose it is worth thinking of specialized stock in advance.

House aquarium care is usually performed without any troubles.

First of all, mud should be removed from the aquarium glasses. The type of aquarium care depends on the glass structure. Silicate glasses can be cleared by means of a scraper, organic glass - only with fabric in order to avoid damages. Elimination of pollution is made from the top to down. In the case of small pollution it will be enough to tidy up only viewing glass

.Huge aquarium care needs a lot of time.

The following stage involves the filter cleaning. This device must be washed under flowing water, wrung out and placed back. With help of tweezers the damaged plant leaves are accurately separated from the main plant. The mud, which accumulated at the bottom of aquarium, must be taken through a special siphon together with the old water residuals.

As a rule long aquarium care is quite easy.

In case of large pollution, the aquarium soil is taken out entirely and carefully washed. Often at the bottom of aquarium accumulates green mud, which occupies not only stones, but also other elements of aquarium design of an aquarium.

Mandarin fish aquarium care can be performed only by specialists.

Such mud is taken away with the help of special devices. In the case of severe condition it is recommended to wash your fish tank by clear water.

Marine aquarium care is usually performed by skilled people.

There is a common knowledge that in clear water microorganisms are multiplied several times quicker, and, therefore, it is not recommended to change the water very often. It will be quite enough to change only 1/3 or 1/5 part of water.

Neon aquarium care is quite easy.

Only in the case of falling into water some toxic substances as well as in the situation when the disease spreads among the aquarium inhabitants, water completely changes. Once a week the water can be softened. It is usually done by adding into a tank a small amount of the distilled water.

Office aquarium care can be a problem because of constant lack of free time.

After the proper aquarium care it is recommended to air it carefully. This activity will help to saturate the water by additional oxygen.


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Ordinary aquarium care is a rather interesting activity. Planted aquarium care should be done with the help of special devices. Saltwater aquarium is a rather expensive activity. Catfish aquarium care usually needs a lot of time. Crayfish aquarium care is a rather expensive activity.

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