Aquarium for fish: Unpretentious aquarium plants

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Everybody agrees that without plants any aquarium is really empty and looks ugly. So we need to use aquatic plants. Of course, in the aquarium for beginners people can do without plants. For example, you can buy some artificial plants that are nowadays presented in a large assortment in any of the specialized shops. Big aquarium for fish
They have a lot of advantages. – First of all we can’t but mention that they also look very nice. But pay attention to the fact that no artificial plants can’t replace the live ones. Only the living plants will give you a sense of the natural aquarium of the underwater world. Aquarium should be convenient for fish as well as for owners. If you are a beginner and have decided to buy real aquarium plants, it is necessary to purchase the most unpretentious. So, let’s discover some kinds of the simplest plants: Cool aquarium for fish can be a part of interior design.


Vallisneria are plants with long, narrow leaves reach the water surface, and even higher, in which case the ends of the leaf will float on the water surface. There are several types of these plants. Spiral vallisneria is very nice. Its leaves are curl, the similarity of the spiral. As a rule an expensive aquarium for fish is the marine one. Plants have rather developed root system. They are very unpretentious and grow quickly. Vegetatively is usually propagated through tillers. Do not blink of an eye as around the main bush will grow new clumps. Large aquarium is always a focal point of any design. Using only Vallisneria you can make a very beautiful composition in the aquarium. This thing won’t take a lot of your time and attention, so you will be able to get the necessary knowledge. Modern aquarium for fish usually contains a lot of interesting decorations.

Various types of mosses

Firstly, Java moss is another plant that does not require special care. The plant looks like real moss, that’s why it has this name. It can float freely in the water column and attach to the surface with the help of small roots, usually by stones and driftwood. Pay attention that the moss grows very quickly. Nice aquarium for fish can be represented in the form of the table. Too many plants can be torn into pieces by hand. This kind of aquarium vegetation looks rather interesting. Also, we can’t but mention that moss is a favorite place for various species of shrimps. It collects stuck of uneaten food. With Java moss and driftwood you can create many very beautiful aquarium compositions. Original aquarium for fish can have an interesting shape.


Hornwort is another undemanding plant for your aquarium. It freely floats below the water surface in your water tank, it can also be planted in the soil. Fries also like to hide in the thickets of hornwort. The reproduction of this part of your aquarium is not complicated. Peculiar aquarium for fish can be situated even in the kitchen. In the case of necessity just divide the stems, and these parts will grow new shoots very soon.


More photos

Roomy aquarium for fish creates special atmosphere. Spacious aquarium for fish should be arranged in big premises. Suitable aquarium for fish has to have a good design. Tiny aquarium for fish can be arranged in any house. Appropriate aquarium for fish looks perfectly in any design. Beautiful aquarium for fish is a real decoration.

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