Aquarium gravel – not simple, but beautiful

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Gravel for aquarium is quite a pretty decoration. It looks not so beautiful if there is a plain ground in the tank. That is why one can decorate the tank with gravel. Gravel size, shape and location entirely depend on your taste. One would like the presence of several stones imitating ridges. Somebody prefers small gravel covering the whole bottom, others will like to cover part of bottom with small gravel and to leave rest of bottom empty and sand coated for dear catfishes could quite enough dig themselves into the sand.

When decorating your tank with the gravel, first of all you should choose gravel type which you will use. Just to begin with, determine which kind of gravel is to your liking more – artificial decorative gravel or natural one. Artificial tank gravel may be bought in a pet-shop or Internet-shop (online fish store).

Brown aquarium gravel is an interesting decoration for your fish tank.

Decorative tank gravel

Here is quite a big choice. Small gravel of different colors is sold, but it is something like artificial one as a rule. Big artificial gravel, which can imitate ridges or grottos, is in offer as well. Still try to choose gravel which resemble natural one to the utmost degree for your aquarium design to look more like river or sea bottom, but not like a heap of some colored pieces of glass.

Colorful aquarium gravel is looking really interesting.

Natural gravel for aquarium

There exist plenty of variants of natural gravel usage.

  • The whole tank’s bottom may be created from pebble stones of different sizes. That is sea or mountain river bottom imitation. In this case gravel of different sizes is to be chosen, the basic mass of which is to be of small smooth pebbles added by a small quantity of gravel of bigger size.
Convenient aquarium gravel is looking very interesting in a light.
  • A grotto can be created by gluing some stones.
  • It is possible to make something like ridges on the bottom using several big stones. Nowadays there exist a lot of electric appliances which enable stones processing. These are various brick cutters, angle grinders, perforators and drills.
  • One can make the ground from sand and to cover it partially with gravel of different sizes. The point is that some aquarium fishes adore digging in the ground.
Decorative aquarium gravel should be present in any fish tank.

The most complicated variants are connected with manual gravel processing, and the easiest is to find stones you like and put them into the tank.

Different aquarium gravel is chosen for our tanks.

After you have finally got aquarium gravel at your disposal, they should be processed. For this purpose you must first wash it thoroughly, remove all the mud and foreign films such as lichen. Do not forget to clean all the cracks properly. After that gravel should be boiled in a saucepan or sterilized in oven. It is recommended to boil gravel for the tank in the enameled saucepan. And finally now your gravel is ready and can be put into the tank.

Grey and white aquarium gravel is present in any tank as a rule.

As a rule many people prefer to purchase aquarium gravel according to the special principle called "In the aquarium fish stores near me". That is nothing but a rude mistake. - You have to choose it carefully.


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Grey aquarium gravel of medium size is very popular now. Grey sharp aquarium gravel can be dangerous for some fish. Light aquarium gravel for freshwater fish can be bought in every shop. Ordinary aquarium gravel is shining perfectly in water. Ordinary small aquarium gravel is in trend nowadays. Small stone aquarium gravel is a perfect decoration. White small stone aquarium gravel is able to bring special atmosphere to your tank. You should choose the proper aquarium gravel for your fish tank. Blue aquarium gravel is looking pretty well.

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