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Fish tank can become not only fascinating hobby, but also the most colorful and picturesque part of interior.

You will need some special equipment for aquarium maintenance.

If you have bought breeding fish and tank, but have not worried about its inner decoration (maybe simply because of money lack), it is possible to find the way out. It is simply necessary to make them by our own or to look for tank’s decorations.

In-built aquariums look really interesting.

    • To decorate tank’s bottom you may use natural materials, for example, many-colored and bright gravel, smooth or chipped. Orange or reddish-crimson stone’s color will tell about its saturation with iron. It is not recommended to use such stones for tank’s decoration, because they will oversaturate water with iron.
    • Figured parts of shells, sandstones or tuff can also be used. But firs sterilize them, having washed them with scrubbing brush, rinsed in running water and heated in the oven for 5-10 minutes.
In-built office aquarium can be a real decoration.
    • Fancy wood roots will also nicely add the whole tank’s picture. They must be processed in a special way too. First grip snags with the file. After it has been shaped, polish it, if you like. Then boil the snag during 10-12 hours. It is no need to boil permanently. You may boil it with breaks in salted water (30 g of salt per 1 liter of water). After salt water put the snag into sweet-water and boil it there. Change sweet-water from time to time. When water will not grow turbid, the boiling can be stopped.
Large aquariums need a lot of care.
    • After boiling it is better to cover snag’s surface with a thin layer of epoxide resin or polyester. It is necessary for the snag not to become rotten in the water. The most correct will be to use snags got out of the natural ponds. It will be enough to grind them and boil for 1-2 hours in sweet lotion.
    • Tank’s bottom can be decorated also by natural shells. But first boil them and clean. Still it is not recommended to use too many natural shells, in course of time they decay and saturate water with calcium. As a result water becomes harder. If you have decided to use shells in tank’s decoration, then plant the tank some algae absorbing calcium, namely  hornweed, nitella, spring moss or horsetails. Some people use aquarium driftwood.
Large office aquariums are able to create special atmosphere.
    • Pieces of glass rolled by sea-water look very beautiful on the tank’s bottom, especially in those places, where there is some silicone. They also must be boiled before putting into tank. Do not also forget about gravel. It is better to use dark ground, such as dark sea sand or sea gravel.


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