Aquarium snails for beginners

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Besides fish, shrimp and frogs there are also aquatic snails. Many of them are very small and multiply rather rapidly, other breeds are very beautiful, but there are general and constitute a threat to aquatic plants and fish. This article will tell you about the most common types of aquarium snails, with which you can encounter in pet stores. Aquatic snails are a kind of gastropods with the outer shell. They live in freshwater ponds and subsequently adapt for home aquariums. Circular aquarium snails are able to sit at the edge of aquarium.

Mystery snail

If we talk about useful aquarium snails, mystery snail is the most beautiful snail that you can meet in the shops. This snail is a creature, which is native for South America. Conic aquarium snails have a really mysterious look. The size of the snail can reach 7 cm in diameter, the most popular aquarium snails yellow, but there are also snails with shells pale brown stripes and dark colors. In case of danger snail closes horn lid as the door. Cool aquarium snails are very popular nowadays. These snails are able to go beyond the water, so it is advisable to keep in Mystery snail aquarium with a special lid. Also they surface for breathing air using a special siphon tube. But it is also able to breathe dissolved in water Little aquarium snails are considered to be rather useful. Mystery snails are omnivores, eating both plant foods and food of animal origin. In general, it is desirable to lure snail aquarium, as they find it difficult to compete with fish for food. Generally, snails are very beautiful and also unpretentious. Nice aquarium snails prefer eating aquarium plants.

Freshwater snails

Freshwater snails are another kind of aquarium snails, which are welcome to be inhabitants in your aquarium. These snails are certainly not as nice as Mystery snail and they are smaller. Anyway you hardly will often see them as Freshwater snails live in the soil and rarely crawl out. Ordinary aquarium snails are very useful. But these snails are very useful for the aquarium. While they are living in the soil, they feed on organic remains, for which they are sometimes called «sand». The fact, that they don’t only help recycle unwanted organic matter, but also serve as natural drainage aquarium ground. Peculiar aquarium snails can be striped. Freshwater snails are viviparous snails and multiply very quickly. So much so that many aquarists have to manually get rid of excess amounts of these snails. What is very important, that Freshwater snails do not touch the living tissues of plants, that is absolutely do not pose any threat to them. Plain aquarium snails can be rather big.


Neritina is the best variant for the aquarium for Beginners. Being originally from South Africa, these snails are good cleaners. The size of them is 2-2.5 cm and a sink with black and gold stripes, snails love to eat a variety of algae, but do not touch the top of the plant. Rare aquarium snails are interesting to look at. That's what they have gained popularity among aquarists. In addition, they get well with the other inhabitants of the aquarium.


More photos

Striped aquarium snails are considered to be rather rare. Tabby aquarium snails an be met in marine aquariums. Taper aquarium snails usually lie on the bottom. Unusual aquarium snails is a rather interesting creature. Big aquarium snails Bright aquarium snails look terrific.

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