Artificial vs. natural aquarium algae

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Nowadays shops are just overloaded by various artificial plants for fish tanks. There is a wide choice of such plants of different colors, sizes, etc.

Artificial plants possess a range of advantages. They are not subjected to diseases and will always look like new. They are not eatable for fish (many fish species like to have a bite of plants). Artificial plants do not spread out and hence you will not need to cut them. Design of a tank planted with the artificial algae can be changed as often as desired.

Common aquarium algae can be met in any tank.

But there are drawbacks as well. Artificial plants do not clean home water tank. Moreover, in the course of time they become faded and overgrown with algae. Natural plants absence may lead to vitamins and microelements lack, which are necessary for aquarium fish and its other inhabitants.  Due to this reason it is not advisable to replace all the live plants by artificial ones.

Corral aquarium algae is not for the beginners.

There exists and third variant – it is combination of artificial and live plants. In this case you will “kill two birds with one stone”! From one side, you get aesthetic beauty using artificial plants, and from other side, you maintain biological balance in the tank, having planted live algae.

Exotic aquarium algae is looking rather interesting.

In such cases the most plain and undemanding live plants are used. It especially suits beginning aquarists. When planted such algae you will learn to take care of them in the course of time and later you may try to plant something more capricious and beautiful. But till that time it is better to add artificial plants for tank’s beauty.

Exotic red aquarium algae is usually planted in big water tanks.

How to choose artificial plants correctly and to make no mistake?

First it is necessary to make sure that artificial plants do not have pungent smell. Plants made from plastic of bad quality always smell strong and unpleasant. They must be done from safe plastic. It must be pointed on the pack, so learn the indicated information attentively, pay attention to the producer, etc. Generally it is better to buy aquarium decoration elements in the specialized shop in order to have a possibility to examine, touch and hold the thing in your arms.

Fluffy aquarium algae brings special atmosphere to your water tank.

Because purchasing plants of low quality may be harmful for health and even life of fish and other tank’s inhabitants.

Green bottom aquarium algae can be grown up at home.

If artificial plants prevail in your tank then it is necessary to restrict the lightning. Otherwise, algae will appear on them very quickly. And you will permanently need to take the plant out from the tank and clean it.


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Marine aquarium algae needs a lot of time for caring. Mysterious aquarium algae brings special atmosphere to the fish tank.Planted aquarium algae should be cleaned as soon as possible. Red aquarium algae is a rare plant. Thick aquarium algae can fill all the space. Thin aquarium algae can grow of the spoil is poor. Untidy aquarium algae can spoil the total look.Beautiful aquarium algae is a real decoration. Black aquarium algae sometimes looks disgusting.

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