Be careful! The aggressive aquarium fish

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If you want to buy fish in aquarium, it is necessary to get acquainted with the names of the most aggressive of fish to avoid the wrong choice. As a hobby some people want to have various fish in aquarium; some people like to watch for them. The reasons for the aquarium fish keeping may be quite different, but each owner of an aquarium is interested in whether one or other fish is aggressive. Your aquarium can be like a house for warlike species. Multi-species tank is called the aquarium, where different fish types are coexisting. If the aquarium contains only one type of fish, it is called species. Bottom aggressive aquarium fish is very original.
The top ten most aggressive fish includes Barbus. Among them, the most common are tiger, fire, cherry and gold. The last one is considered the less aggressive. Do not move Barbus in the aquarium with other fish species. Catfish aggressive aquarium fish inhabit any aquarium. The Northern Snakehead is considered the most belligerent species among the aquarium fish. This predator is strong, tough, very aggressive and voracious. Cichlid aggressive aquarium fish can be dangerous for other breeds. Red Piranha is called the classical specie of aggressive fish. This «South’s American» has an unsavory reputation. Piranha eats living food, so it cans even grab a submerged finger. Flat aggressive aquarium fish usually lives in the bottom. Cichlasoma octofasciata, the native of Guatemala and Honduras, is considered as the most militant of freshwater fishes. Its destructive behavior in the aquarium makes coexistence with other aquarium fishes hardly possible. Jaw aggressive aquarium fish looks really frightening. Acanthurus is also referred to aggressive species. Its spine is like a scalpel and fish uses it for defense or aggression. Long aggressive aquarium fish reminds a snake. Red-tailed black shark is a common aquarium fish of black color with a bright orange tail, feeding on plants. However, if such a fish will grow up to 6 inches, it cans become very aggressive towards other fishes in the aquarium due to lack of space. Orange aggressive aquarium fish is a real decoration for your tank. Malabar danio - aggressive South Asian fish, its color is silver-blue with a narrow and slender body, which can be up to 4 inches. These active fish likes to gather in shoals. Specie can be aggressive; it should be kept separate from other aquarium fishes. Parrot aggressive aquarium fish is really dangerous for other inhabitants. Determine the most aggressive fish is difficult. Some fish is aggressive by nature, others can acquire this quality for several reasons: because of the disease, changes in temperature (season), puberty, etc. If you pay attention on the fish with signs of aggression, it will be better to move it to another aquarium and try to evaluate the behavior in order to understand, what is the reason.


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Saltwater aggressive aquarium fish becomes a real decoration. Surgeon aggressive aquarium fish can be dangerous even for people. Tropical aggressive aquarium fish usually comes from tropic water. Typical aggressive aquarium fish can be of different shape and form.Yellow aggressive aquarium fish is looking rather interesting. Angel aggressive aquarium fish are usually rather beautiful. Blue mandarin aggressive aquarium fish is very bright and interesting.

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