Best fish tank: tips for aquarists

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Aquarium fishes are in deserved favor. They are easy to take care of. Moreover, tank will not occupy much space even in a small flat, instead it will introduce the feeling of coziness and pleasure from gazing at underwater world’s beauty.

Scientists claim that daily watching the life of tank’s inhabitants is quite an effective way to overcome a stress. You can admire fish for hours, while it will take you just a several hours a week for feeding and care. But how to choose a tank and its inhabitants? What should the beginning aquarists know when going to the pet-shop?

Contemporary best fish tanks usually have a rather modern design.

Which tank to choose

If you have decided to buy a tank it is better to choose a wireframe one or a tank, consisting from glass panes bonded together with silicon. Plastic tanks are beautiful but not long-lasting; such tanks quickly lose their transparency. When buying entirely round tank remember: it distorts water inhabitants look, its walls are rather inconvenient to clean and it is difficult to select proper equipment for it.

Decorated best fish tanks becomes a focal point of your room.

The optimal aquarium capacity is 200 liters. In such a tank it is easy to keep biological balance even if it is inhabited with a large amount of fish and snails. There exist vertical and horizontal, rectangular, round and angle-shaped tanks – it is possible to select a suitable one for any interior.

Exclusive best fish tanks can be met in rich mansions.

Additional equipment for a tank

Besides a tank you will need: filter, lamps, heater - better horizontal one, it is more reliable, aerator, feeders, fish net, scraper for glass cleaning, membrane pump for tank ventilation. Equipping the aquarium. Order of tank’s filling

Freshwater best fish tanks are good even for the beginners.

To begin with, it is necessary to place the tank on its permanent place. Then to scatter the tank with gravel and install hanging equipment. The best ground for the tank is sand and small gravel.

Huge best fish tanks are usually set in the offices.

Now it’s time to pour water. Fill half of the tank and add agents for water preparation – softening agents and chlorine and heavy metals binding additives. While not the whole tank is filled plant the algae, which were beforehand cleaned and with cut roots, and arrange decorating items – caves and bog-woods. Now you can bring water to the complete volume. Do not hurry to put fish into a tank, wait a week while biological balance will be settled in the water.

In-built best fish tanks is a good decision for small premises.

Which fish and how many of them to put into a tank

The aquarium must contain 1.5-2 liters of water per each centimeter of fish length. It is not recommended to overcrowd the tank, because fish will feel not comfortably.

Living room best fish tanks are able to bring comfort.

When selecting fish it is necessary to learn their way of life more close. Because there are fish kinds which simply will not be able to coexist with other tank inhabitants.


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Long best fish tanks are located along the walls. Marine best fish tanks are very expensive in treatment. Movable best fish tanks are good for those, who love to move the furniture from time to time. Romantic best fish tanks have an interesting decoration. Sink best fish tanks look rather amazing. Square marine best fish tanks are now in trends.Best fish tanks for your living rooms will help you to create a special atmosphere.Best tanks with dangerous fish can be arranged in the offices.

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