Big fish tanks for your home or office

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Big tank allows to enlarge fish choice possibilities considerably. Thus, it is possible to bring simultaneously several rather big territorial cichlidae into the tank, where different shelters from artificial grottos and stones have been created beforehand.

Big tanks must not look deserted. The best variant is to inhabit it with several big fish or big fish family, which will always be in sight. At this point it is necessary to note, that some big fish kinds hide in their shelters at day time and, on the contrary, are active at night. For example, an ingenious by its form fish apteronotus albifrons prefers dim lightning. Besides, there must be a lot of hiding-places in the tanks with such fish. The best is to plant the tank densely, because fish will always hide in algous thicket. In order to see this fish in light, it is necessary to have a tank without any hiding-places.

Bright marine big fish tanks are usually rather interesting.

It is possible to neighbor big fish with another fish of a middle size. And on the contrary, it is not recommended to put small fish into the tank with predators. When selecting fishes, it is necessary to take into account their sizes, keeping conditions and temperament.

Cafe big fish tanks attract more customers.

Big fish tank arranging peculiarities

Big fish will need large space for swimming. In this connection it is not recommended to overload the tank with different decorations. When decorating a big aquarium one may use a panoramic background which imitates a stone wall, for example. Such a background is to be pasted on the inner tanks side. Any other decorations must obligatory be steadfast.

Custom big fish tanks can be looked at for hours.

Otherwise, fish can drop it. It is necessary to take into account, that majority of big fishes dig out or eat the plants. Still the tank inhabited by predatory piranhas may be planted with various greens. That is why it is always necessary to take into account fish way of life and their preferences.

Empty big fish tanks sometimes need disinfection.

Style of tank’s design should be considered only after fish themselves have been chosen. It is recommended to learn as much about the fish as possible. Tank’s design depends on the needs of the fish you’ve chosen.

Exotic big fish tanks are sometimes set just on the floor.

For example, if a freshwater ray or a big eel are expected to inhabit the aquarium, then it is necessary to use river sand with rolled particles as a gravel, because these fishes like to dig themselves into the ground, because the majority of time they spend on the tank’s bottom. Such fish will easily get on with those of arowana or big barbus, pacu, big cichlidae. It is needed to avoid tank’s overpopulation. So it is quite possible to keep several adult astronotinae or four or five hybrid parrot cichlids in the tank of 250-300 liters capacity.


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