Different kinds of aquarium fish diseases

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Unfortunately sometimes our fish becomes ill and we have to know the reason as soon as possible. Otherwise sick creatures can infect the healthy one. In the most difficult cases all pets are able even to die. So let's discuss this important theme.

Aquarium fish diseases are commonly divided into such groups:

Bacterial aquarium fish disease spreads really quickly.

Caused by pathogenic agents

  • Bacteria
  • Fungal diseases
  • Protozoa
  • Coelenterata
  • Plathelmintes
  • Acantocephala
Barbus aquarium fish disease really becomes dangerous for other samples.


  • Nematoda
  • Crustacea
Big aquarium fish disease needs professional consultations.

Not caused by pathogenic agents

  • Those of chemical origin (various intoxications diseases).
  • Those of physical origin (diseases mainly connected with the incorrect fish treatment: bad water quality, improper temperature, etc.).
  • Incorrect feeding.
Different tropical aquarium fish diseases are well-known by specialists.

Viral, bacteriological, fungous infections along with various parasites which may cause invasion diseases can get to your aquarium with the newly bought fish, fresh or frozen feed or new aquarium plants. Many diseases may be prevented if:

Exotic aquarium fish diseases should be found out at the first stages.

  • to buy fish and plants only from the respected suppliers;
  • to observe isolation time frames after a new fish or plants have been bought;
  • to provide optimal keeping conditions which are characteristic for everу kind of fish;
  • to watch aquarium inhabitants attentively – thus you will be able to notice first symptoms of the starting disease right in time.
Fungal aquarium fish disease is not dangerous for people.

Disease symptoms brief review

Let us give an overview of the most widespread symptoms indicating aquarium fish diseases.

Appearance changes – white dotes on the body, white or white-blue stains, ulceration, hemorrhage, white film, cottony film, white “fluff” near the jaws, excessive mucus discharge, deterioration of fins and a tail, fins adhesion, scales stick out, enlarged abdomen, bulging eyes, etc.

Infection aquarium fish disease can be taken by other samples.

Abnormal behavior – fish are gasping near water surface, swimming edgewise or upside-down, tail down or abdomen up, hovering at the same place, rubbing and scratching against stones, swimming in push-like manner.

Marine aquarium fish disease and health depend on owners' care

Diseases prevention

It is easier to prevent any disease than to treat it. We offer you some simple rules observing which you will avoid many unpleasant moments:

  • substitution of 1/10 tank water part once a week;
  • weekly bottom cleaning with deletion of rotten plants parts, feeding remains and fish recrement;
  • aquarium overpopulation non-admission;
  • high-quality feed use, strict observance of storage conditions;
Ordinary aquarium fish disease can be seen easily.
  • correct feeding schedule observance;
  • optimal temperature conditions maintenance, non-admission of abrupt temperature change and undercooling;
  • keeping a newly bought fish in quarantine for two weeks in a specially assigned for these purposes quarantine tank;
  • soft containers use while transportation to avoid injury;
  • strict observance of drugs dosage if medical treatment is used.


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