Discuss fish food: How and how much?

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For many years in various literature, there is an opinion that fish is better underfed, you should let it be hungry, than to overfeed. In fact, this way isn`t entirely correct and inexperienced aquarist can ruin a beautiful exotic fish by a long starvation. How and how many times a day do you need to feed the fish, not to hurt them?

All aquarium fish can be roughly divided by age into 2 types:

Exotic fish needs special food.

  • Fry (not yet fully got stronger, immature fish);
  • The adult fish (mature fish).
Some fish prefers granules as a food.

How many times a day to feed an adult fish?

Adults and formed fish need to be underfeed, as a result the water in the aquarium will be always clean, biobalance will be ideal and fish will be healthy. One the contrary, the regular feeding and overfeeding (when the fish unable to eat all for 15 minutes), can disrupt the water biobalance, there will be turbid, and consequently one or another disease may flare up.

Don't overfeed your fish

But underfeeding doesn`t mean that you can feed the fish only once a week, despite the fact that fish is adult if you will feed it very rare, it will begin to lose weight, the abdomen will become hollow and the back will wither, larger fish will attack smaller one eating it.

How much and how often to feed the fry?

Fry unlike the adult live fish isn`t fully formed. It hasn`t reached puberty and is intensively growth, so for them it is very important regular high-quality feeding. Underfeeding in relation to young fish will bring more negative consequences than to adults, so it need to be fed regularly, two times a day and priority live food.

In the modern shops there are different kinds of fish food.

There is only one condition you have to take away the uneaten food thrown within 15 minutes, and remove uneaten food from the aquarium, because regular feeding and overfeeding - it's still different things. In the conditions of the regular feeding the water will have to be changed much more times than in the case of underfeeding (1 per week), but you will have a beautiful fish that is quite fast increase in size and reach puberty.

As a rule food is bought in big portions.

But how much food should we give, when in the aquarium, both adults and young fish? In this case, preference is given to youngsters, so forget about hunger and underfeeding.

All of the above we can sum up the results as follows:

On the one hand underfeeding is good, because it allows you to save biobalance in the aquarium, make the water cleaner and the fish remain healthy at the same time, spending a minimum of efforts and time to care for them.

Fish food in granules is more popular. Regular feeding 1-2 times a day allows you to grow up a beautiful mature fish in a short time, but an aquarium have to be cleaned much more times e week (replacement of water and cleaning of soil) than in the case of underfeeding. Particularly frequent feeding and overfeeding is harmful in all cases and is not negotiable.


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You should always mind the food quantity. Pressed fish food is in trend now. Fish food should be bought at honest suppliers. You can find different fish food in shops. Fish food should be tasty for your pets. There are a lot of fish food varieties.Good fish food is usually eaten quickly.Good fish food is usually eaten quickly. Fish food can be different, but in any case it has to be safe.Different fish loves different food.

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