Exotic freshwater fish – decoration of any aquarium

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Everyone knows that it is easier to meet freshwater fish than sea-fish. However, when you choose fishes you should remember that species need to be compatible with each other. Otherwise, the fish will always be aggressive, what can lead to mutilations and even death of the aquarium inhabitants. There is a list of the most attractive fish below, these can be selected for the freshwater aquarium. Coral exotic freshwater aquarium fish draws a lot of attention

Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami - excellent variety of fish. Caring for them is quite simple. There are two colors of these fish: blue and fiery red. It is quite picky in food, can be fed a conventional dry or live food. Coral marine exotic freshwater aquarium fish looks really interesting

Neon Tetra

This is one of the most beautiful species of freshwater fish for aquariums. Usually these fishes simply called Neon. Along their body goes bright band, which is closer to the tail, turns red. These peaceful fishes like to live in packs of 6 or more individuals. Exotic freshwater aquarium fish can hide among stones


A very popular fish for aquariums. There are black, silver or marble painting fishes. It is very calm, easy to care for. Usually it is quite cheap, so are ideal for beginners. Exotic freshwater aquarium fish with stripes matches the environment.

Pearl Cichlidae

This fish doesn't require any special care. If it is found in good condition, it looks very nice. Its body is orange with white spots, and purple fins. Home exotic freshwater aquarium fish brings special atmosphere


This Indian fish is considered very rare. Firstly, it is very beautiful. Its body is almost transparent, and inside it you can easily see the entire bone structure. Secondly, it is difficult for care, and rarely survives. Glass perch should not start for people who have no experience of the content of aquarium fish. Hunting exotic freshwater aquarium fish cam be really dangerous even for people

Pearl Gourami

This fish has a mottled orange body and bluish fins. The size of the pearl gourami is 12-13 cm. These quiet and peaceful fish is very unpretentious and does not require any special care. Orange exotic freshwater aquarium fish is really rather unusual


Very pretty freshwater fish. It can be pink, silver, burgundy, white, red, and orange. Its size is about 5 cm. For this fish is also very easy to look after. Pink exotic freshwater aquarium fish looks perfectly The list above contains only superficial information about the most beautiful fishes that can live in freshwater aquariums. Another important point is that the law of the country in which you live, have permitted this or that house fish. In some countries, certain fishes are forbade to contain at home aquariums.


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