Exotic freshwater fish in your aquarium

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Gold fish is a cold-blooded creature and its metabolism entirely depends on water’s temperature. Quantity of gold fish kinds runs to 500.

Lives in freshwater ponds with pH 6.0-8.0, preferable 7,5. Needs temperature 40-90F. Its length is from 3,5 till 15 centimeter. The largest representative can reach 40 centimeters in length and almost 3 kilograms of weight. Such growth depends on location, temperature, feeding and other factors. It possesses twin pectoral and abdominal fins and single dorsal, pelvic and caudal fins. They live on average from 5 to 10 years. Bright exotic freshwater fish needs additional vitamins.
There exists a method called “positive reinforcement” using which your goldfish can be trained to recognize and to react to light signals of different colors or to perform tricks. They also recognize their owners who feed them. If to repeat some actions regularly, it is possible to achieve coordinated behavior from a fish. Colorful exotic freshwater fish is looking really interesting.

Wild goldfish, living in the lakes, ponds and other water basins, have more saturated dark and light tints.

Goldfish exists of different colors and tints, such as gold, pinky, bronze. It can also be of metallic color.

Crowded exotic freshwater fish should be contained in a large aquarium.


The diet of goldfish consists of plankton, insects, larvae, worms, salad and other plants’ leaves, peas, tiny crustaceans, etc.  Diet must include more carbohydrates and less protein.

Exclusive exotic freshwater fish can be of many colors.

Reproduction is typical

A male goldfish copulates with a female one, whereupon the latter lays thousands of eggs. The eggs hatch within 24 or 48 hours. In closed basins and tanks selection is year-round, while in nature it is only in summer. They grow to sexual maturity to the age of two years. Nevertheless, nutrition quality, water temperature and some other environment factors influence maturing period

.Funny exotic freshwater fish is able to bring you good mood.

Often live in groups

Once they get into the pond in any area, goldfish start breeding very quickly thus breaking the populations of local fishes. They have amazing appetite and eat as much as they are given. That is why it is important not to try too hard and not to overfeed them. It will save you also from the problem of quick tanks contamination.

Hidden exotic freshwater fish can be really dangerous.

To make feeding more variable you can feed them with shelled peas puree and blanched vegetable leaves. Shrimps may be given as a delicacy.  

Interesting exotic freshwater fish is definitely a goldfish.

Most often rival between each other for food

Goldfish coloration attracts not only people, but also predators. Hence, if you’ve got other pets you should look after them, in order for one would not eat another.

Neon exotic freshwater fish is swimming in schools. They like big high tanks with proper hydrogen level of water. It is also said that goldfish makes its owner lucky. So if you have already got a tank, it is time to buy tropical fish online.


More photos

Ordinary exotic freshwater fish can have a very surprising appearance. Striped exotic freshwater fish hide easily among the stones. Transparent exotic freshwater fish is so unusual. Various exotic freshwater fish brings calm atmosphere to your room. Yellow exotic freshwater fish is a real aquarium decoration. Active exotic freshwater fish usually draws a lot of attention, Angry exotic freshwater fish can be sometimes dangerous even for people.

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