Exotic tropical fish and its keeping

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Tropical fish are exotic representatives of the aquarium. They are from the southern warm countries, and have a bright eye-catching color.

Bright exotic tropical fish

These fish in the wild are accustomed to living in warm water, can live in both fresh and salt water. There is a huge variety of kinds of tropical fish, which can contain even for beginner aquarists The variety of species of exotic fish for every taste make them accessible to content in the home. In aquariums people often have labyrinth fish from the order of characins, perciformes, сypriniformes, catfishes, carposporophyte, ateriniformes etc.

In the ocean there is a lot of dangerous exotic tropical fish The most popular aquarium fish are from the family of tetras, poeciliidae, carp, cichlidae.


For the maintenance of freshwater exotic fish you will need an aquarium of appropriate quality and volume for a certain number of selected fish. Nowadays aquarium-habitats have become popular. They are a copy of any portion of the water in nature. These aquariums are optimally suited for tropical inhabitants, because the most comfortable state. You will need necessary devices and instruments for the desired climate in the aquarium: filter, aerator, a thermometer and a heater.

Different exotic tropical fish can inhabit your aquarium.

For beginners are recommended undemanding species such as guppies, zebrafish, swordtail, makropody, spotted Gourami. Black tetra, tiger barbs, mollies, pearl Gourami will require a more careful maintenance. Cichlids require in enhanced aeration, spacious aquarium and dense vegetation.

Eating exotic tropical fish is looking rather hungry.

Tropical fish are very sensitive to temperature in the tank and oxygen. Typically, the optimum temperature ranges from 21 to 28 ° C. Depending on the type of fish and plants are selected suitable substrate. The aquarium is decorated like their native habitat. Some species are not recommended living together with other species, so you should carefully examine the nature and habits of selected fish.

Funny exotic tropical fish


Aquarium exotic fish can eat any fodder species as live and processed. Tropical fish are fed several times a day. Predators eat live food, insects and fish meat. Tropical aquarium fish feed as canned food, which can be in the form of flakes, pellets, granules. But we should not forget about feeding plant food.

Merry exotic tropical fish always bring good mood.

Tropical fish in an aquarium are a fascinating and unforgettable sight thanks to their exotic beauty and bright colors.


More photos

Saltwater exotic tropical fish is kept in aquariums nowadays. School of exotic tropical fish is looking like a family. Spikey exotic tropical fish is rather dangerous aquarium dweller. Stripped exotic tropical fish brings special atmosphere to your aquarium. Colorful saltwater tropical fish really deserves admiration. Variety of exotic tropical fish is inhabitants of marine aquariums. Yellow exotic tropical fish is a real decoration of any aquarium. Aquarium exotic tropical fish is always rather interesting. Blue and yellow exotic tropical fish looks terrific.

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