Fish breeding – easy and complicated at the same time

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Fish breeding is one of the most interesting processes for any aquarist.

It demands responsible approach and is directly connected with fish species living in the tank, because all of them demand different keeping conditions.

Difficult fish breeding sometimes causes problems.

Live-bearers breeding peculiarities

Live-bearing fish is the most undemanding to their keeping and breeding, because they possess high vitality and adaptability. Due to the fact, that eggs fertilization is done inside of the fish, they bear developed live fry. It means, that it is necessary to create all necessary conditions for their appropriate feeding and temperature regime at once. They are caught out of the tank and are kept separately from adult species at temperature from 20 to 24 °С.

Exclusive fish breeding can be organized even in the ordinary aquarium.

In order for tank fish breeding to be successful and without any accidents at home conditions, it is necessary to put female fish into the separate tank with small-leaved plants before 3-4 days of supposed fry birth date.

Exotic fish breeding is necessary in some situations.

Among live-bearing fish the most frequently met in home aquarium are the following:

  • swardtails;
  • cichlid fish;
  • girardinus;
  • guppies;
  • platies;
  • formosa;
  • mollies.
Guppy fish breeding is quite easy even at home

There is a range of peculiarities, which should be known to all the aquarists, interested in tank fish keeping and breeding. The abdomen of female fish becomes rectangular shaped three days before supposed fry birth.

 How to breed “angelfish” and other egg-laying fish

The other popular tank fish group is spawning fish. Before spawning starts, it is recommended to put them, as well, to the separate “spawning tank” with warmer water and longer “daylight” period. Few days later larvae will turn into real fry, which need independent feeding.

Guppy fish breeding can be organized at home.

Keeping and breeding of such kind of tank fish is characterized by some peculiarities:

  • eggs are laid into special bubble nests on plants’ leaves or gravel;
  • fish can hold eggs fixed even on their own skin;
  • egg-laying fish can keep eggs in their mouth, in such a way they save them from danger;
  • eggs can be scattered or dispersed among tank’s plants and gravel.
Home fish breeding can be rather complicated sometimes.

Among the most widespread species of this fish kind can be named such as angelfish, gourami, barbus, macropodus and catfishes.

Stimulating fish coupling

Industrial fish breeding can be really amazing.

Many aquarists stimulate spawning of their tank’s inhabitants. For this purpose it will be necessary to create conditions which will be close to natural to the utmost degree.


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Molly fish breeding is suitable even for the beginners. Office fish breeding should be organized perfectly. Ordinary fish breeding is a very interesting activity. Simple fish breeding doesn't need a lot of time. Typical fish breeding is a very interesting hobby. Various fish breeding is rather popular now. Exotic fish breeding can be really rather complicated. Complicated fish breeding is not for the beginners.

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