Fish diseases and why it dies

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First of all the matter concerns water of bad quality: this can be caused by water filter and numerous nitrogen combinations, which are the result of “pets” vital activity. The most interesting thing is that many tank owners simply forget about it, though specialist claim, that fish can daily lose about one third of its weight when defecating!

Continuing fresh water topic, one should not forget, that quite an important role belongs to high overpopulation of the tank with “inhabitants”. Moreover, problem can be hidden in large food volume, which fish eat. If there is plenty of food, then fish do not manage to eat it in time and food starts rotting first, and then decaying.

Fin rot fish disease is very dangerous sometimes.

If newly-bought fish is meant, then there is a high probability of that fact, that they simply did not manage to adapt to new living conditions. It is connected with that matter, that in pet-shops they were kept in the tanks considerably differing from yours, for example, by the temperature or hardness.

Freshwater aquarium fish disease can be spread very quickly.

Far more rarely fish “cut their cable” after long disease. However, it is difficult to diagnose it, especially taking into account, that “pets” rarely fall ill. And almost always the reason is in improper water filtration. It is necessary to point, that it is no sense at all to cure the disease, if problems with water have not been sold. Nevertheless, diseases exist and are taken to the tank with new tanks inhabitants, as a rule.

Freshwater fish disease is dangerous.

Every tank’s owner must know, that there are wholly incompatible fish kinds, that is why it is not allowed to keep them in the same tank. For example, big representatives of a family, being purely grass-feeding, can be tempted by a small specie and simply swallow it. Other kinds can show their aggression towards the other “neighbors” trying to do them harm.

Hidden fish disease can be seen in the last moment.

Special attention should be paid to oxygen presence in water. Nowadays, every tank’s owner purchases air pump, but not always its power is enough. Moreover it tends to become cluttered or even to switch off, and as a result, fish suffer from considerable oxygen lack, and in case of oxygen absence they suffocate. Specialists claim, that pump must work permanently. Why? First of all, when temperature rises, the oxygen level decreases. Secondly, tank plants emit oxygen only at day-time.

Infection fish disease spreads very quickly.

If we talk about tropical fish, then here reason of a death can be rather unusual. It is commonly known, that in tropical countries daylight can last within 12 hours and even more.  Here, on the contrary, day duration is considerably shorter in winter. The solving of this problem is quite simple— it is tank’s lighting.

Oscar fish disease is very dangerous.

And finally the reason can be in nutrition of low quality.

Places of fish disease are usually seen clearly.

At the end we want to remind you one important thing: always buy tropical fish as well as other aquarium inhabitants in the certified places. This will help you to avoid many problems.


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Scheme for marine fish disease shows the problems. Scheme for ordinary fish disease involves the most various problems. Serious fish disease has to be treated as quickly as possible. Typical tropical fish disease can appear in any aquarium. Usual fish disease has a lot of symptoms. White spot tropical fish disease belongs to the common problems.Complicated fish disease should be treated immediately. Dangerous fish disease can be in your aquarium.

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