Fish keeping for beginners

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Fish in the aquarium shop is sold a large array and it is not surprising that many beginning aquarists buy unsuitable fish. This usually leads to serious problems.

Colorful fish always draws attention

If you are a beginner aquarist, then you'd better to start with simple aquarium fish. They are easy to keep.

Some fish is really astonishing.

So, what kinds of fish are:


Guppies are the most unpretentious fish. Fish multiply rapidly, they are viviparous. When the fry are born, they can feed themselves. However, the parents can eat their offspring, so it is necessary to fry or deposit them, or to create thickets of plants in the aquarium, where the fry will be able to hide.

Aquarium is able to bring some comfort to your room.


Platies are another representative of the toothcarps. They are a more little than Guppies. Also, they multiply rapidly and are considered to be unpretentious to the content of the aquarium.

Fish keeping can be difficult for beginners.


Swordtails are rather beautiful. There is one main difference between these fish: they have a long fin in the form of a sword in males that are why they have this name. They are less than platies and have slightly elongated body. It is also very unpretentious.

Nowadays fish keeping is a popular hobby.


Mollies are rather fastidious as to the home aquarium content. But their feeding can be simple. They eat mostly dry food, but it is strongly recommended to add plant food. Mollies generally like eating all sorts of algae, so they have the reputation of very good cleaners.

Fish keeping is always very interesting.

Tiger barbs

Tiger barbs are gregarious, beautiful and unpretentious small fish. If you keep fish in a school, they will need a large aquarium as the fish are very mobile. They get along with all kinds of fish. This fish have very common striped coloring, although there are other coloring of these fish. If you have 1-2 fish, you can put in the tank of 40 liters and above.

Having an aquarium at home you will be able to know a lot of interesting things.


Zebrafish is a small, striped, nimble and schooling fish. All in all these aquarium creatures are very unpretentious. Several animals can be kept in the 2-6 liter tanks. Fish are very mobile and lively. They will look especially beautiful, when you buy a school of fish in a large aquarium.

Peculiar fish keeping needs some skills.


Many people have probably heard about Neons, represented by small and very beautiful fish. The color of neon is one of the most beautiful aquarium fish. Along the entire body, from head to tail, stretches a bright blue glowing streak. This appearance gives the name of the fish. Neons are schooling fish and are suitable for any size aquarium.

You can a lot of different fish to your aquarium.

Of course, there are other aquarium creatures, but they are not so common. You have to choose, which of them will go into your aquarium.

Fish keeping is in trend now.

Just do not take them all at once! If you liked viviparous, then take a few pieces from each species (or the same type) + a couple of catfish. If you like barbs, take 1-2 kinds of several pieces + a couple of aquarium catfish. You should not overpopulate your aquarium, as it will lead to bad consequences.


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Fish keeping is able to bring you some satisfaction as a hobby. For specific fish keeping you will need some skills. Fish keeping is a relaxing free time activity. Some fish is really funny Unussual Fish keeping  

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