How the fish supply is organized

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Aquarium fish get in the stores in two ways: from the bird market or directly from the "suppliers" who often buy them on the market. At the market fish is got by five different ways. Let’s discuss them all..

First way

Fish is bred and cultivated by one person or a group of amateur aquarists. This is the best fish. They eat live feeds, adapt to the urban water. Also, they have minimum disease.

Compact fish supply is an important thing in transportation.

Second way

Fish is bred and grown in a medium or large aquarium farms in our region. The quality of fish is excellent! There are many species. But they are scattered across multiple vendors, resellers, who can have their fish and Singapore fish. Diseases walk and multiply, but not always.

You should buy some containers for fish supply

Third way

Fish is imported from Poland, Belarus and other sovereign countries. Fish is of very high quality. The only problem you will have with the shipment, often violated rules of planting, and transportation at the time. At the transfer points fish can feed by a live feed of nearest puddle with all existing parasites.

Find your own fasiest way of fish supply

Fourth way

Fish is brought from Europe, particularly from Germany. Bring mainly cichlids, catfish and fish which do not reproduce. The Germans are pedantic people. Transportation and planting rules will be strictly observed.

In most cases equipped fish supply should be organized.

Fifth way

Asian fish farm. The most "horrible" fish for its quality. Firstly, in most cases, they grow in open ponds. That is why fish do not adapt to the conditions of the aquarium, but also to the conditions of transportation. In such a way exotic aquarium fish is usually suppled.

Exclusive fish supply is a good business.

If you want to reduce the risk of infection, you should buy fish in importers with a good reputation. It may be more expensive than the unknown sellers, but it guarantees from the unpleasant infection and death of all inhabitants of the aquarium. Therefore, for full guarantee should also, if possible, make a quarantine treatment fish, especially from unknown or questionable sources.

Exotic fish supply is a complicated process.

Now, nobody will be surprised "wild" fish or fish, so-called "first generation". What kind of fish is better to choose, that is your especially individual case. Of course, "adjustable" fish are the undisputed leader, said sales statistics of foreign firms.

Many people don't know how to organize fish supply

The explanation is simple. The price is much more affordable, more stable quality, and so on. Fish which was caught in the nature, for a different reason (for example, at the age), often come down to us in a deplorable state. Young fish are always easier to get used to new conditions.


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