How to care your goldfish aquarium

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Goldfish caring becomes easier if you provide it with appropriate living environment. And now we are going to tell you how to build and maintain a healthy aquarium for goldfish.

Choose the aquarium

Many people decide to put their fish in a fishbowl, but there no opportunity for goldfish to thrive. If you can afford it, try to get for your first goldfish aquarium volume of 75 liters plus 37 liters for each additional fish. The more space will be for a fish, the more it will be healthy.

Colorful Goldfish aquarium

Install the filtration system

Goldfish produce a lot of waste, so you need to use a good filter to maintain their health. There are different types of filtration, but one of the most effective is a bio-filter wheel, the filter is hung outside the aquarium. The bottom filter is recommended only if you have limited resources or contain sensitive to sharp objects goldfish (for example, Bubble Eyes). Canister filters are best suited for large aquariums, as it is a more powerful version of the bio-wheel.

Different Goldfish aquariums are always in trend.

Buy heating system if necessary

Most fishes live happily in the water without heating, but the tropical fish may want for a slightly higher temperature. For all non-exotic goldfishes temperature should be within the 15,5-22 degrees Celsius.

Little Goldfish aquarium is not able to arrange a lot of creatures.

Place in the aquarium gravel and decorations

This is visual additions, unlike the filtration and heating systems, but even a small landscape scene can make the entire aquarium more noticeable.

Motley Goldfish aquarium turns into a special place in your house.

Now complete the aquarium with water treated with conditioner

Run the filter and heater in accordance with the instructions. At this step, you can add to the aquarium live water plants, but don`t put in the aquarium fish till the system haven`t been working for a few days to make sure it is in good order.

Nice Goldfish aquarium turns into peculiar place in your room.

Place in the aquarium cycle

This step is critical for the fish health. If you want to do this work thoroughly, you should add into the aquarium fodder and give it humus in it, so this operation will add to the water the ammonia and will cause to spread the beneficent bacteria.

Peculiar Goldfish aquarium contains a lot of vegetation.

Carry the water testing

When the test results show the absence of ammonia and nitrite in the presence of nitrates, you can place the goldfish in the aquarium.

Pied Goldfish aquarium looks really special.

Place the fish in the aquarium slowly

You mustn't put all your fishes in to aquarium immediately, because this may undermine the biological aquarium system. Place just 1-2 fish at a time with a break of several weeks between each group.

Shaggy Goldfish aquarium is an unusual but interesting place in your interior.

Weekly water change and periodically check the filter

As long as you maintain hygiene in the aquarium, you shouldn't have problems with health of fish.


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Singular Goldfish aquarium is an interesting decoration of your office. Small Goldfish aquarium contains only some dwellers. Stunner Goldfish aquarium is decorated by big stones. Unusual Goldfish aquarium Varicoloured Goldfish aquarium is a perfect decoration for relax. Beautiful Goldfish aquarium brings special atmosphere to your house or office. Bright Goldfish aquarium need special care.

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