How to choose fish aquarium filters?

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Aquarium filters are an important and necessary tool. Тhanks to them water is purified from the dregs and the mud, various small debris and products of vital activity of the fish.

Complex fish aquarium filter is a complicated system.

The types of aquarium filters

There are a large number of cleaning devices of different price categories. There are several types of filters for an aquarium :

Fish tank with fish aquarium filter is a perfect combination.

  • Bottom

Their principle of operation is that the water slowly percolates through the soil, which is on top of a special stainless steel tank. This filter is very difficult to clean, because it is necessary to handle all areas of the bottom of the trap. The bottom filter is not a convenient object for the purification of water in the aquarium.

Important parts of fish aquarium filter should be in any device.

  • External fish tank filter

External filters located externally and used in large volume tanks (one hundred liters or more). Such devices are perfectly purified water. Liquid from the tank is supplied through the tube to the block where there is material which performs cleaning. Then purified water in the other tube is returned to the reservoir. Thus, all harmful substances remain after the cleaning device and do not cause any harm to the biological absolutely flora aquarium. External filters do not take space in the aquarium, but are larger. The effectiveness of external filters at the expense and а variety of filtration means is the best.

Interesting fish aquarium filter is rather compact.

  • Internal filters

Internal filters are the most convenient, reliable, durable and easy to maintain. They are placed directly in the aquarium, plunged into the water. These objects are small, they must be washed once to two times a week. You should wash them no more than ten minutes. Internal filters are different sizes. They are installed in aquariums from ten to one hundred liters or more.

Interior fish aquarium filter is incorporated into every modern tank.

Air bubbles come out both with the flow of water through the installation and a small tube to the surface. This element makes it possible not to use the compressor in the aquarium, because the water will be oxygenated. But it does have some drawbacks: Many owners complain about the noise generated by the device, its unsightly as it is visible in the aquarium.

Long fish aquarium filter is suitable for small tanks.

These drawbacks do not interfere with the internal filters enjoy a great popularity among consumers. The filter in your aquarium should work daily and continually, so do not skimp on it. Give preference to quality and good device, as this will depend on the duration of the life and health of the fish.


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