How to decorate large or small fish aquarium

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Tank without decorations will look “empty” and not cozy. Moreover, some decoration elements have one more purpose: many fish like to hide periodically from other inhabitants of this water community. They won’t live a long life in a tank with plain sand on the bottom. So, which decorations are used in the tanks?

Small exclusive fish aquarium needs a lot of care.

Amphoras, grottos, big shells, houses for fish

Your fish will hide there with a great pleasure. For livebearers’ fry such decorations are just a rescue from hungry relatives. Shelters can be of any kind, the main demand for them is to be done from natural materials and covered with not toxic paint. Edges of these things must not be sharp, because fish can injure in such a case.

Small exotic fish aquarium looks really terrific.

In order to skip such troubles, it is necessary either to buy following decorations in specialized pet-shops, or to create them by yourself.  If bought on the cheap on the pets market, they can cause serious troubles.

Small freshwater office fish aquarium is very popular now.

Plants and snags

It is impossible to imagine a tank without water plants. This is a part of ecosystem, after all in natural environment fish live among water flora. Plants clean water, emit oxygen, some snails lay eggs on their leaves. Moreover, parts of water plants are an excellent “vitamin addition” for some fish. Fallen parts of water plants are eaten with a pleasure by some catfishes’ kinds (for example, those of loricariidae family).

Small marine and freshwater fish aquarium can have a movable construction.

Snags are also quite nice hiding places, which are especially liked by catfishes, which clean the snags’ surface from fur and bacterial film be their own.   It is better to choose “hollow” snag, because fish will like it more.  And, of course, make sure of any sharp twigs or splits absence when buying them.

Small marine fish aquarium draws a lot of attention.

Sometimes artificial snags and plants are placed in the tank. Such “decorations” carry no useful function and their profit for tank’s bio-system is rather doubtful.

Small mobile fish aquarium is very easy in use.

Chests, steering-wheels, cannons, artificial corals and stones

Such decorations perform purely aesthetic role – for tank’s inhabitants they are mostly useless. These decorations are used to create a whole image of the pirates’ bay or Neptune’s castle and many others. If you’d like to buy things of that kind, then it is necessary to do it reasonably, because they occupy place and can interfere with fish swimming. Material for such decorations must be safe.

Small office freshwater fish aquarium is usually full of vegetation.

The main thing in tank decorations purchasing is not to go too far. Remember, tank is a home for its inhabitants and it is necessary to do your best in order for your fish feel fine, spaciously and comfortably there!

Small round fish aquarium is an American trend this year.

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