How to organize your new fish tank

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To organize a new aquarium it is not a simple thing. People, who love watching aquariums, have the impression that when you have bought a container, arranged pebbles and poured water, tank is fit to launch the first inhabitants. In fact, you should work hard before your fish will live in good environments.

Choosing an aquarium

Aquariums are freshwater and marine (last one is more difficult to care, although it looks more impressive). The form of the aquarium depends on its future inhabitants: round containers are suitable for zebrafish, guppy and several other species of fish. Other fish prefer rectangular and elongated in the length aquariums, and the plants put in them much more convenient.

Big new fish tank can be arranged in different places.

Wash the aquarium

Before installing the equipment and fill the container with water, it should be thoroughly rinsed. For this purpose chemical agents can’t be used. You can wash tank by baking soda or salt, all-glass is washed with 5% acetic acid solution and then rinsed.

Comfortable new fish tank is good for offices.

Selection of equipment

Even the most modest aquarium is not complete without a filter.  It helps to purify water from food residues, fish waste, dead algae and so on. As a backlight use fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent lamps provide enough light and  stimulate the growth of plants and do not irritate the fish.

Compact new fish tank is usually chosen for bedrooms.

Preparation of the soil and falling asleep

When you choose a soil, consider the preferences of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Preventive disinfection is required: this gravel and pebbles are placed in a metal pan or bowl, pour water, add some salt and a little boiled for hours. The sand is calcined in a skillet for an hour. Then it must be sifted through a sieve for removing foreign matter. You can make it even easier: buy ready-mix in the store.

Comfortable new fish tank can be taken for any design.

Greening the aquarium

Plants can be purchased at any pet store: they are washed under running water, and then sent to a "quarantine". Can be used to treat: 5 bicillion (bath for 30 minutes for 5 days), buprofezin (placed in a solution of 0.01% for 2 hours), trichlorfon (at 2 hours of 0.8% solution), potassium permanganate pink solution ( up to half an hour), Aquacons and others.

Correct new fish tank is arranged not in front of the window.

Fill the water

Now you must watch. In just a few days the water can become cloudy - it is a sign that the microclimate is formed in the tank. On the 4th day, planted plants, after 4-5 days, you can turn on lighting.

Dolly new fish tank is rather popular nowadays.

Launch of fish

In the new aquarium inhabitants should launch in 2 weeks. The first day they hold "on short rations", the next day we give food. Тhroughout a few days the fish eat good, quietly floating on the aquarium, do not lose the beauty of color. It means that with the ecosystem is all right.


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