Large aquarium: what are the biggest ones in the world

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Ocean is an endlessly amazing place. And an equally stunning is ocean flora and fauna on earth. There are aquariums, designed specifically to show the beauty of the ocean around the world. Some of them are so impressive that they can compete with the beauty of Mother Nature.

Chiraumi Aquarium, Okinawa, Japan

The Japanese are famous for their trendy designs, and the Okinawa aquarium Chiraumi is not an exception. It was built in 2002 and used in the construction of the largest world's acrylic panel.

Spacious Large aquarium is good for restaurants and public offices.

This aquarium attracts visitors from around the world. In it there is a huge number of fish, and many species of aquatic vegetation. In the aquarium you can dive, and there are still a number of activities that will make a visit to the aquarium really magical.

Singular large aquarium is sometimes arranged even in the shops.

Aquarium has been designed to mimic the deep sea. Kuroshio tank, which is the local main attraction, is home to whale sharks, the whole shoals of sardines, stingrays, and other forms of life.

Reliable large aquarium should be designed by specialists.

Ushakov’s Sea World, South Africa

Ushakovs SeaWorld is located in Durban, South Africa, and with an area of 16 km. sq. This thematic marine park was built in a wreck, and is divided into many different areas. In "Ushakovs SeaWorld you can dive with sharks, watch the show dolphins, feed stingrays and sea lions. The park has a "wet" section, which consists of water slides and pools. More in the park there is a shopping and entertainment center and playground, where children can be children.

Practical large aquarium needs a lot of time for care.

Ushakovs SeaWorld has a lot of unique species of marine life, and visitors will be amazed by the vast collection of fish and other animals living in the ocean. In the aquarium, live as normal and completely unique species of animals, in addition, the aquarium serves as a refuge for the animals on the verge of extinction. This is a very impressive place that will appeal to both children and adults.

Original large aquarium can be lit in blue.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, China

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is 24 km away. sq. water surprises. This aquarium exhibits the rarest animals in the world. Visitors feel excited when they see the Antarctic penguins, alligators from the Yangtze River and the giant salamander, a creature that is rarely seen in the wild.

Novel large aquarium is really very attective.

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium presents Chinese water dragons, white sharks, black and white rays. And yet this aquarium delights the guests by a pedestrian tunnel, which is built directly inside the aquarium.

Nice large aquarium becomes a focal point of your room.

A walk through this tunnel will make visitors feel like they are going through the aquarium tunnel provides an excellent overview and opened view will charm even the most discerning travelers.


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Great large aquarium can remind a long tube. Even the comfortable large aquarium is not easy to be looked after. Compact large aquarium is usually arranged near the wall. Convenient large aquarium Excellent large aquarium brings special atmosphere to your room. Glorious large aquarium can be set vertically. Superb Large aquarium can be arranged anywhere. Stunner Large aquarium can be arranged even in the small round premise.

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