Long-livers in our fish tank

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The main task of an aquarist is to maintain a comfortable life for the pets. Time which aquarium fish will live depends on many factors: keeping conditions, size of the fish itself, feeding quality, etc.

Black sharkminnow is a big aquarium fish whose length reaches 60 centimeters. Proper keeping and care conditions for such fish are the pledge of their long life. Their life duration varies from 4 to 10 years.

Corral fish tank needs a lot of attention.

Panaque nigrolineatus is a very beautiful representative of aquarium fish and is remarkable for its fantastic coloration. Living in natural conditions these fish can reach 50 centimeters in lengths and do not exceed 30 centimeters of length in captivity. Panaque is notable for its high activity, beautiful appearance and they are long-livers. Catfish Panaque is a long-liver, duration of its life reaches 10 years.

Custom fish tank is able to bring relaxation.

Metynnises are schoolish fish of a medium size. They rich 10-15 centimeters in length.  Metynnises are not demanding in care, that is why their keeping will cause no difficulties. In domestic conditions these fish live till 10 years.

Decorated fish tank looks really interesting.

Nimbochromis livingstonii are tank fish of Cichlidae family. The fish itself is not big, males are bigger than females. Nimbochromis livingstonii are predators, but distinguished by peaceful character. In order to prevent any conflicts between fish, it is not recommended to keep two males in one tank. Fish lives utmost long life – till 10 years.

Great fish tank with exotic fish can be located in the public houses or trading centers.

Piranhas are the predators and are rather aggressive in natural habitat. But in domestic tanks they become quiet rather quickly. Their sizes are 10 -80 centimeters, life duration is approximately 10 years.

Home fish tank with golden fish is rather popular nowadays.

Pacu is a fish reaching 1 meter in length when living in nature. In domestic tanks their sizes do not exceed 60 centimeters and need wide space that is why the tank’s capacity must be not less than 1000 liters of water. It is rather a problem to install such a big-sized tank in an ordinary flat that is why it is better to use an artificial pond for Pacu keeping. The duration of these fish’s life is 10 years.

Living room fish tank is a real decoration.

Botia clowns are long-livers. These tank fish size rarely exceeds 30 centimeters in length and lifetime is up to 10-15 years.

Marine fish tank is an exotic part of the modern interior.

Heros severus is unique fish. They are very beautiful and have weird temper. If there is lack of males in the tank, then females create couples between each other. One of them performs a role of male, but does not change its gender. Their lifetime is 10-18 years.

Overcrowded fish tank is polluted very quickly.

Human bred Goldfish is the most long-living tank fish. They can live up to 30 years if there are good conditions created and nutrition of high quality is provided. Their average lifetime is 15-20 years.


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Planted and decorated fish tank becomes a focal point of any premise.Square fish tank with golden fish can be used even by the beginners. Square fish tank has a very convenient shape. Trade center fish tank draws the customers attention. Unusual fish tank can be met at homes of many modern people. Beautiful fish tank can be arranged at home as well as in the office. Beautiful home fish tank should be cleaned regularly.

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