Popular live freshwater aquarium fish: Goldfish

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If you have decided to buy goldfish, then, first of all, you must be ready to the necessity to buy a big tank. Only in this case your pets will be healthy, lively, and will live quite a long life.  The recommended volume is 50 liters per one fish, but it is better if its volume will be 100 liters for a couple, only this way your pets won’t be restricted in their motion.

Goldfish compatibility with each other and other fish

Bright live freshwater aquarium fish is very popular among the beginners.

There are different kinds of goldfish, which can be conventionally divided into two groups: short-body and long-body live freshwater aquarium fish. Long-body goldfish are distinguished by their high agility and temperament; they swim mainly in schools and can reach size of 30 centimeters without tail. Most comfortably they feel in ponds or tanks with volume not less than 200 liters.

Colorful live freshwater aquarium fish looks very interesting

Short-body goldfish are quieter and less agile, that is why it is recommended to keep them away from long-body goldfish. Also it is better to keep such goldfish kinds as telescopes, bubble eyes, celestial eye separately, because they have very vulnerable eyes, which can be injured by neighbors.

Labyrinth tank is sometimes chosen for live freshwater aquarium fish

If goldfish can still get on with each other, with any other fish kind they will hardly coexist.

Goldfish care

Big live freshwater aquarium fish can be of different size and shade.

Goldfish will not need any special care. Almost all their kinds, except bubble eyes and pearlscale, are rather undemanding. First of all you should care about good filtration.  For this purpose it is necessary to install powerful filter and clean it regularly. Water in the goldfish tank should be changed not less than once a week, to be more exact, it is necessary to change only 30% from whole volume. Small pets will feel most comfortably in the tank with water temperature of 22-26.

Goldfish feeding

Community live freshwater aquarium fish should be kept in big tank.

This live freshwater aquarium fish kind is very voracious and they will hungrily pounce on food, no matter how much you will feed them. But they must not be overfed in any circumstances, because it may lead to different diseases.  It is recommended to feed fish with small parts not more than once or twice a day. All the food must be eaten within 5-10 minutes.

Gravel and plants for aquarium

You can organize a lot of decoration for your live freshwater aquarium fish Home live freshwater aquarium fish should have good keeping conditions

Goldfish adore moving tank’s gravel and thus can swallow small stones. At that small stones come out of them successfully, but as for middle-sized, they can stick in the mouth. In order to avoid such trouble, it is better to choose either rather small gravel or, on the contrary, bigger one. It is recommended to consider plants for goldfish tank cautiously, because these creatures can nibble them quickly.


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