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Bright freshwater tropical fish, which are so pleasant to look at, gained a steady favor in hearts of aquarists, both amateurs and professionals. It will be rather complicated for an unskilled beginner not to be lost in the large variety of fish kinds, colors and proper fish keeping conditions.

It is important to be acknowledged of main tropical fish kinds, understand the main conditions of their keeping and breeding rules. And it is not less important to learn about the key fish keeping tools and items which are the various kinds of tanks, feeders and plants.

Red tropical fish turns into a real decoration for our aquarium.

Popular kinds and groups of tropical fish

Among the most popular fish families is the Characidae family, which includes such representatives as Inpaichthys kerri, Distichodus, Phenacogrammus, Paracheirodon, Nannostomus, Hornatus, Chilodus and Filomena. But not everybody decides to keep in their aquaria Piranhas, which belong to the same group.

Some fish need large tanks.

Siluriformes species are the same popular. This order includes such species as Synodontis, Talking catfisges which belong to Doradidae family, Mochokiella, Corydoras, Chiloglanis, Dianema, Hoplosternum, Ancistrus as well, and many others. Functions done by these fishes in aquarium are very important – they clean walls and bottom of the place they inhabit.

Dangerous tropical fish is usually kept in the offices or inside the trade centers.

In tropical group Perciformes order is presented by various Cichlidae. Their size varies in range from 2 to 90 centimeters and depends on the particular species. Pterophyllum and Discus which have been popular for many years, belong to this family.

Fries of tropical fish need special care.

Keeping conditions

One of the main peculiarities lies in the fact that tropical fishes are rather demanding not only to tank’s water temperature but also to its oxygen saturation. However there are exceptions. Macropodus has not so high demands to temperature regime due to its ability to endure harmless considerable temperature decrease.

Funny tropical fish will decorate your room.

Anabantoidei can go without aeration at all. Still for the rest of fish these conditions remain vitally important. That is the why it is recommended to worry about automatic heater purchase at once, which will possess the function of water temperature regulation and correct aeration maintenance.

Tropical fish care needs a lot of time.

On the whole freshwater tropical aquarium fish do not demand anything extraordinary unlike their relatives - sea and ocean representatives. That is why many of tropical fish admirers prefer namely freshwater fish due to the care simplicity.


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Mollie tropical fish need plants in the aquarium. Neons are rather fast and they prefer to move in groups. Peculiar features of tropical fish can be really very interesting. Tropical fish care at home needs additional time as well as money. Tropical fish care involves a lot of different information. In many cases tropical fish need some special vitamins. Unusual tropical fish care can be expensive sometimes. Nowadays there is a possibility to buy any fish you like. Tropical fish needs special care.

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