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All conversations between people, who have aquariums, start with one question. What is the size of the aquarium? From the tank volume depends very much, since the aesthetics of the composition and kinds of the inhabitants. Below we consider several variants, conventionally divided aquariums in size in four categories.


Nano-tanks containers up to ten liters. This size allows you to keep species of freshwater shrimps, snails, and if you have experience in the aquariums, you can try to create a composition with miniature plants. There are photos, where in such tanks fish live, but we believe that it is cruel to animals, and do not recommend to carry out such experiments. In addition to the minimum living space, your pets will suffer from temperature spikes, the inconvenience of nitrogen excretion from the system and a variety of other problems.

Empty aquarium sizes are so obvious for evaluation.

Small volumes

Aquariums up to 100 liters. Containers of this size can be considered small, nevertheless it is the most popular option among beginners. The aquarium of this size you can contain small fish. The norm is 5-10 liters of water for fish up to 5 centimeters. It is not necessary to settle the major inhabitants if they length exceeds 8-10 cm.

Exotic aquarium sizes are usually rather different.

When you want to content goldfish, (as practice shows, the most popular aquarium of this size) you need to carefully approach to the selection of the filtration system.

High aquarium sizes are usually different.

The average size

The most demanded category is aquariums from 100 to 400 liters. Popularity of medium aquariums is caused by the balance between the stability of the medium reservoir and with relatively little labor intensive. Overall dimensions and capacity allow choosing residents, choosing the right equipment and finding the suitable scenery without problems.

Huge aquarium sizes can be met in the zoo.

Aquariums of large dimensions

Manufacturers make products more than two meters long. Therefore, the term "large" means aquarium systems greater than 500 liters, or more than two meters long. In most cases, these designs are made to order and individually.

Large aquarium sizes are usually rather interesting.

Pay special attention to the scenery and the compilation of the composition. If you order decoration in the aquarium company, you will ask them to draw a sketch. Do not skimp if you have not engaged in drawing up the composition, leave it to the professionals, it will be cheaper.

Long aquarium sizes are not very big as a rule.

Pick the fish, plants and animals according to their needs and conditions that you can create.


More photos

Marine aquarium sizes should depend on the size of their inhabitants. Modern aquarium sizes are various. Modern marine aquarium sizes can be very small sometimes. Ordinary aquarium sizes are usually average. Planted aquarium sizes should be rather big to involve all inhabitants. Round aquarium sizes are usually not very wide. Usual aquarium sizes can be really small. Big aquarium sizes are usually met at the shopping centers. Contemporary aquarium sizes can be set in the office.

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