Proper fish tank care: choose the optimal water temperature

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Almost all of us know where to buy a fish tank, but are you able to care it properly? Water temperature is important for all the tank fish, that is why it is necessary to control it periodically. The temperature regime in range from 22 till 26 degrees will suit the majority of tank’s inhabitants.

Discuses and anabantoidei need temperature of 28-30 degrees, while goldfish need that of 18-23 degrees. Of course, they can also live at higher temperatures, but in course of time diseases will be inescapable: most frequently pets suffer from swim bladder malfunction. Common fish tank care is an easy process.

Check, if there are no abrupt temperature drops (more than 4 degrees). Smooth temperature variation is acceptable, but no way abrupt. Nevertheless, drops occur quite often and it refers to small tanks with capacity less than 60 liters. It is connected with that fact, that small water volume warms up quickly, but as well it gets cold in short period of time.

Crowded fish tank care needs some definite experience.

 Thus, a wicket opened even for some minutes, for example, can chill water considerably, and tank fish will become ill with chilodonella or bacterial infection. If there is no thermostat in the tank, then its owner will not be able to learn about such temperature drops and symptoms of disease may appear too late.

Exotic fish tank care is not for the beginners.

To maintain optimal water temperature in the tank permanently there are needed thermometer and heater. Every aquarist must have thermometer. It should be placed in such a way to see temperature scale properly. It is important, because the earlier a human will see changes and take measures, the less will suffer tank’s inhabitants. The choice of thermometers has become enormous lately, that is why, everybody will be able to choose suitable one.

Good fish tank care should be performed rather carefully.

To maintain necessary temperature in the tank it is necessary to have a heater, which quickly warms water up to the necessary temperature and then switches off automatically. If it is of high power, then tanks inhabitants may not be afraid neither of draughts, nor of temperature drops and ventilations.

Home fish tank care should be done regularly.

If you have no time to check permanently tank’s water temperature, then you need heater for sure. The main thing is to choose heater of high quality, because otherwise, it can not always react on temperature drops, not to switch on or, vice versa, not to switch off after water is heated and your fish can be boiled. To prevent such troubles heater must be periodically changed.

Living room fish tank care takes a lot of time.

If you really care about your fish, then purchase goods only of high quality; do not hurry with the choice, get consultation from skilled aquarists, read feedbacks about the good and only then make a purchase.


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