Round fish tanks: advantages and disadvantages

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Round shaped tank will properly match almost any interior. That is why they become very popular. Tank, which has a shape of a ball or beaker, can be easily settled in any part of the room or office and moved, if needed. But during its maintaining, some difficulties can appear.

If the tank is small-sized, it will be difficult to choose and install equipment necessary for fish. Besides, you will have to limit the choice of inhabitants, plants and decorations.

Hi-tech round fish tanks can be seen in contemporary houses.

It is very difficult to maintain necessary biological balance in round–shaped tanks, especially for beginning aquarists. And fish, living in such tanks, is permanently under stress. This occurs because of lens effect, which appears in round tanks.

Home round fish tanks are among the most popular ones.

Of course, such negative psychological state badly influences life duration of fish. There exists a wrong belief, that round tank will perfectly suit goldfish.  In fact, it should live in large water amount.

Huge round fish tanks are peculiar features of many trade centers.

For those, who only starts fishkeeping, it is better to purchase a tank of rectangular shape, because it is far easier to maintain necessary balance and keep fish, which will feel more comfortable.

Interesting round fish tanks bring comfort and relax.

Presently, tanks selling includes tanks of different shapes and sizes. For example, nowadays glass aquariums are among the most popular ones.That is why you will be able to choose the appropriate variant easily, which will correspond with interior, income and will be easy in maintenance.

Large round fish tanks are usually arranged in the shopping malls.

If you still want to purchase a round-shaped tank, then first think over its population and design. Unusual reservoirs look very original, but it is necessary to combine properly decorating elements and equipment, necessary for normal fish vital activities. It is important to approach very seriously to tank’s inhabitants choice, because just few of them will be able to survive in small water amount.

Marine round fish tanks are difficult to care.

Here are some of them: guppies, catfishes, fighting fish, dwarf gourami, neons, corydoras, etc. Besides, it is necessary to remember, that it is quite difficult to maintain biological balance in the overcrowded tank.

Modern round fish tanks can have an interesting design.

As a rule, design and decoration depend on water volume and selected equipment. It is necessary to use gravel not bigger than five centimeters, because tank must have enough space for air pump, heater, aquarium filters, lighting system, aquarium sump and fish tank gravel.


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