Some rules of fish care

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Aquarium fish – one would think, what can be so complicating to take care of them?

First and foremost rule is not to put fish in a new aquarium. First it should be settled, i.e. unique water balanced microclimate must be created in it. Aquarium launching lasts on average for two weeks and only then fish can be put into the tank. If the aquarium is badly prepared then its water is improper for fish setting because contains extraordinary big quantity of chlorine, nitrates and nitrites which can cause fish diseases.

In order to avoid such a situation every aquarium owner must possess special tests and periodically check the following parameters:

Bright fish needs additional care. You should give it vitamins.

  • Water hardness;
  • pН index;
  • ammonium/ammonia contents;
  • nitrates;
  • nitrites.
Bright red fish care includes some special vitamins.

In case of any characteristics are exceeding it is necessary to balance water chemistry as soon as it is possible. Then fish will be kept healthy and aquarium will please aquarists.

Ellioti cichlid fish care and breeding doesn't need much time usually.

After aquarium has been settled and microenvironment has been balanced the daily maintenance period starts. It includes fish feeding and aquarium cleaning. Adult species feeding must be daily but some fish kinds need feeding twice a day. The feeding must be in such a quantity for fish to eat it within 5-10 minutes. If there is any uneaten food it will start decaying thus polluting water. It is advisable to make so called fasting days once a week; it will be very useful for fish health.

Exotic fish care is not for the beginners.

Feeding time, when all the fish will leave their hiding places, is very suitable to estimate their look and well-being. Such attention will give you a possibility to prevent disease development and avoid whole aquarium infection.

Large fish care is a rather complicated activity.

The second important moment is aquarium cleaning. Best of all is to make this procedure weekly done, but it is also acceptable if cleaning is done twice a month.

Modern aquarium and fish care is a popular hobby nowadays.

When maintaining the aquarium it is necessary to clean gravel, remove a film from the glass borders, wash the outer filter side and change water. Water volume for changing must be circa one third from the total capacity. Water to fill the aquarium must be either settled or with the special conditioner addition which neutralizes harmful chemical compounds.

Neon fish care can be performed even by the beginners.

The aquarium can be inhabited by plural community but it is necessary to take fish character into account in order not to come across a “fish-aggressor” hunting another fish. Water temperature must be comfortable for all the inhabitants. It is mostly 25 degrees. If observing these simple maintenance rules your aquarium will become a beautiful island of a water world at your home.


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