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Tank fish are of two kinds – egg-laying and live bearing. That it is why it is necessary to decide which of them you’d like to see in the tank.

For beginners it is better to start fish breeding namely from live-bearers, because it is easier to look after them.

Bright fish is a real decoration for your aquarium.

The advantage of live bearing fish is that their new-born fry are entirely viable. Moreover, such fish do not need any special conditions for reproduction. Nevertheless, tank fish breeding on the whole is an affair, which requires time, attention, knowledge and skills. Here the following pieces of advice will help:

For you home you can choose any fish you like.

  • Purchase a tank and special gravel for it.
  • There must obligatory be various algae in water.
  • Water in the tank should be changed periodically in order not to become turbid.
  • For breeding it is necessary to choose a couple of breeders. They must be healthy, bright colored male and female fish. They are to be put out into the separate fish tank.
  • When fry is born it should be separated from the parents.
Best aquariums have to contain a lot of different fish.

Tank fish description

So which fish kinds are the most popular? Among live bearing fish such kinds as guppies and swordtails are wide spread. Many people like paradise fish or catfishes. Barbus, paracheirodon, angel fish are the same popular. Let us examine some distinctive features of the most widespread fish kinds.

You can arrange your aquarium along the wall.


They have beautiful long tails and are noted for their bright color. Many people start fishkeeping exactly from this fish kind. These active fish often jump out the water that is why the tank must be obligatory closed. It is important to change water often, but in small parts. Guppies are fed both with live and plants food.

Marine fish is very popular nowadays.

Paradise fish

Multicolored and bright paradise fish is also called macropodus. This is an egg-laying fish, that is why male takes care of the offspring. When keeping macropodus, it is necessary to maintain temperature not only of water, but also of surrounding air for the fish not to get cold. It is necessary to cover the tank for paradise fish not to jump out of it. Both live foods and their substitutes are used.

Large aquariums are usually arrange for office decoration.

Xiphophorus Hellery (Green swordtail)

This beautiful live bearing fish is remarkable for females’ ability to become males, if the latter is absent for a long time. They are rather active and peaceful, and jumping as well. Plants, small live foods or substitutes are used as food for swordtails.

Round aquariums don't need a lot of space.

Black neon tetra

Black neon tetras should be kept by water temperature from 24 to 28°С. These are schooling fish with calm temper. There must be a lot of algae in the tank for neon tetras, because they do not like bright light. At the same time they need enough space for swimming.

You can choose a lot fish for your home.

These are just several fish kinds, which are most widespread among amateurs of fishkeeping. When you will start your own fish breeding, you will discover many interesting things. In such a way, a charming peace of underwater world will appear at your home.

Some people prefer unusual shapes for their aquariums.

And at the end we would like to mention that, of course, aquarium prices are very different, but if it is really necessary, you will always find something suitable for your taste and budget.


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Typical fish is usually chosen by beginners. Amazing aquariums can be set at home as well as in the offices. Aquariums are able to bring special atmosphere to your house. Ordinary aquariums don't need a lot of time for caring. You can set any fish to your aquarium. You can choose the best fish for bedroom fish tank

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