The most terrific aquarium design in the world

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Travelling the world you can find out a lot of different sightseeings, but according to the experts' point of view, aquariums are among the most popular ones. There are many reasons for this decision, but first of all people appreciate them for their design.

Comfortable aquarium design is usually created in the living room.

This article will tell you about the most terrific items.

Aquarium "Monterey Bay, California

Monterey Bay is usually referred to as "a window to the wonders of the ocean." This aquarium is one of the most unique attractions of the west coast of America, because it has an impressive collection of aquatic fauna and flora. Aquarium also aims to find endangered species, and provide them with a favorable environment. In the aquarium there are more than 35,000 animals and 620 different species of living beings and plants.

Common aquarium design usually means a small set.

"Monterey Bay" is not only a fun but also educational place for people who love marine animals. It offers these people a unique experience. You can even discuss fish with specialists there.

Convenient aquarium design can be organized anywhere.

Visitors can take part in feeding the creatures, enjoy a fantastic show, or take one of the many educational tours. The aquarium presents whales, sharks, seals, octopus, jellyfish, sea eels and sardines.

Cool aquarium design can be of any shape

Oceanographic Aquarium, Spain

This aquarium is a paradise for lovers of water. It is one of the most beautiful places not only in Spain but also in the world. Visitors will be able to look at the schools of fish, which consist of both ordinary goldfish, the unique and very strange looking fish, which can only be seen in an aquarium of this type. Also, visitors will be struck by the awesome dancing seals, dolphins and penguins.

Cute aquarium design should be elaborated.

Spanish Oceanographic aquarium is the largest in Europe. It includes 12 buildings designed to mimic (imitate) a variety of marine ecosystems. When visitors come there, they can be assured that they see all the diversity of marine life. There are not only fish, but also birds, total - 500 different species of marine animals.

Elementary aquarium design can remind a simple vessel.

Sydney Aquarium, Australia

The beauty of the sea was given a new definition in the Sydney Aquarium, which is located in Darling Harbor. This marine aquarium is home of 650 different species of animals. It has a live sand. Since 1988 there is a total amount of 6,000 lives of animals. As you know, the Australian continent is home of some unique animals, and Sydney Aquarium best demonstrates this unique marine fauna and flora. The aquarium has a unique acrylic tunnel that visitors can walk, until the fish swim around them.

Modern aquarium design can be a part of modern interior. Also in an aquarium it is recreated the Great Barrier Reef, which is an integral part of the Australian coast. There, visitors can see the seals and penguins, both in the water and out of it. In addition, the aquarium presents different types of sharks, sardines, octopus, crocodile, stingray, and all this does not impress even the most discerning people.


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Natural aquarium design includes a lot of plants. Nice aquarium design depends on the owner's taste. Table aquarium design is rather popular now. Simple aquarium design will be suitable for any style. Terrific aquarium design includes a lot of unusual elements. Unusual aquarium design involves many decorations. Beautiful aquarium design is able to bring some special atmosphere to your house. Bright aquarium design is usually used in the offices.

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