The proper light in the aquarium

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Water plants and fishes need to have lightning for normal growth. In captivity, as in nature, it regulates their live ability and intensity of light can effect their health.

You can face the certain problems providing light in your aquarium. If you want plants to grow well you should provide sufficient illumination. At the same time, many of the fishes, which are living in aquariums with plants derived from the shaded ponds.

Bright white aquarium light can be harmful for tank dwellers

There are numbers of possible solutions for this problem.

Keep in aquarium fishes, originating from the small, brightly lit ponds, and install the lighting which plants are required.

Cheap aquarium light can be set everywhere

You also can grow plants with leaves, which grow on water surface (floating plants), so fishes can always be in the shadow of it.

Lit only one side of the aquarium or concentrate the brightest lights in a certain part, where there are many plants. It is also necessary, because fishes can choose the most suitable environments. However you can do it only in large aquariums, but it can be very effective, especially if you decorate the dark areas of the aquarium by a bog oak, which remained roots in darker coastal natural reservoirs.

Common aquarium light is inseparable part of this system.

You should turn on the light in the aquarium daily for 10-11 hours to simulate a natural photo period. Light intensity depends on not only the type of plants and fish, but also the depth of the tank. Even though the water seems pure, only 15% of light emitted by the lamps reach the bottom if the water depth is 50 cm. If the aquarium has a layer of more than 50-55 cm, no ordinary aquarium lamps can create on its bottom adequate illumination for plants growth.

Coral aquarium light looks really interesting

As a rule the aquarium lighting equipment for the aquarium is equipped by the fluorescent lamps. When this device is properly installed, it provides an intense lighting for the entire surface. Watertight ceiling with such lamps is mounted directly on the tank lid.

Inner aquarium light is rather convenient

It is recommended to install two fluorescent lamps in aquariums up to 40 cm. For every additional 10 cm in height should be added one by one lamp. To the lighting was uniform, it is necessary to pick up the lamp of this size, which optimally corresponds to the length of the aquarium.


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Long aquarium light is considered to be rather convenient. Marine aquarium light is usually of blue shade. Matte blue aquarium light looks really terrific.Ordinary aquarium light device is usually inexpensive. Ordinary aquarium light Stones are lit perfectly by aquarium light Unusual aquarium light can be created even at home. Marine small aquarium in blue light Blue aquarium light is rather popular nowadays. Bright aquarium light can be installed in offices as well as in the apartments.

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