Turtle aquarium – interesting, but not easy

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There are two types of turtles in the home the red-eared and fresh-water turtles. First enters into the house from a pet store, the second - from the nearest park pond.

Turtles have living for a long time - up to 30 years. But you're quite able to shorten the life of the pet improper care, bad feeding and irresponsible attitude to 2-3 years. This isn`t an accusation, it is a statement. Before you start a turtle, find out what it needs.

Calm turtle aquarium looks terrific.

For example, water turtles in the home needs large aqua-terrarium. Just a custom aquarium isn`t appropriate - it will drown without soil! One turtle needs a space in the volume of 100-150 liters. Water turtles are occasionally crawling on land, so the aquarium should have a shore, where animals can warm and walk.

Curious turtle aquarium can have any design you like.

Plastic «island» is very uncomfortable, because the turtle slides. You can look for another kind of soil in the same pet store. It needs to be rough, sloping bank, a lot of places. Dry places in the aquarium should be at least a quarter of the total area. From «island» to the edge of the aquarium should be at least 30 cm of space that turtles do not escape.

Easy turtle aquarium is an ordinary thing in many houses.

You shouldn`t heat the water, if usual yellow lamp will be set on over the island. It heats well. Turtle can be fed on an island.

Huge turtle aquarium can be met in the office.

Red-eared turtles eat bloodworms, pelleted feed, minced meat. It should be given boiled fish with bones, it will remove calcium deficiency. You can sprinkle the food of calcium phosphate or bone meal (this is important!). Lardy fish is not worth giving. Vegetables have to be in the diet too. Young turtles need to be fed mainly on animal food, with age - to increase the proportion of plant. Turtles up to two years are fed daily, then - 2-3 times a week.

Independent turtle aquarium has a good filtration.


Teach gradually turtles to feed on land. To do this, first feed will have to lay out at the edge, then away. Food put in a saucer of water. Keep in mind that in the case of the vegetable feed shortage turtles eat the vegetation decorating your aqua terrarium. The same applies to fish and snails, if you have them hooked to the turtles and forget to feed the turtles. Give turtles lettuce, cabbage and young pond algae. Claws turtles do not cut.

Inquiring turtle aquarium should be kept in order.

The second variety of turtles, which we have already mentioned - is a fresh-water turtles. Firstly, it is one hundred percent predators. Secondly, as it isn`t tamed, the food it will still carry off the water, because the instinct is stronger.

Little turtle aquarium needs a lot of attention and time.

Almost everything that was said about it - applies to the swamp, except cleaning the aquarium - the water will have to be changed more often than red-eared. In conclusion: if you don’t want watch fights, do not put it in one volume the turtles of different sizes or just one male.


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Lovely turtle aquarium has to involve some zones. Nimble turtle aquarium is able to bring you some relaxation after the busy day. Peculiar turtle aquarium requires a lot of devices. Rare turtle aquarium is usually a marine one. Sleeping turtle aquarium Still turtle aquarium seems motionless. Beautiful turtle aquarium is able to bring a special atmosphere to your room. Big turtle aquarium can be arranged only in the large aquarium.

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