Vegetables as aquarium fish food

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Not so long ago fish feeding was quite a bustling, and often even difficult, affair.  All the feeds’ diversity was presented by live foods (bloodworms, tubifex, etc.) and dried daphnia and cyclopes. The latter are dried shells in fact and have no nutritional value.

Nevertheless, there is food, combining usefulness and simplicity, these are vegetables and various greens. What is so useful in them? It is very simple: in nature ration of the majority of fish consists of algae and various foulings.  And it is even no need to say about the simplicity of vegetable usage in fish feeding.

Calanus Flake aquarium fish food has to contain a lot of vitamins.


First it is necessary to peel vegetables off.  The matter is that vegetables from the supermarket can be covered with wax or contain pesticides in their rind. Fortunately, it is quite easy to get rid of them. The matter is that fish cannot reach fiber through the rind and you will throw products out in vain. Moreover, pesticides are accumulated there, so peel it off without any debt.

Daphnia aquarium fish food is considered to be the most common one.

If you deal with vegetables from your own vegetable garden, you can not worry about pesticides, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to peel the rind off.  Herbs, such as nettle or dandelion are even easier in use, it will be enough simply to wash them.

Different aquarium fish food is for various creatures.

Thermal treatment

After vegetable food has been washed, it must be boiled as a rule. It is possible to give some kinds of plants in raw condition, but majority is still too hard for your fish.

Dried aquarium fish food is the most popular one.

Fish cheerfully eat following vegetables without any thermal treatment: cucumbers, marrows, apples, soft pumpkin kinds, bananas.

You will need special equipment for aquarium fish food

The rest vegetables are better to be given after blanching. Also, if talking about herbs, it is possible simply to scald them with boiling water. During first 24 hours fish scarcely touch them, but after they will become soaked, fish will eat them eagerly.

Look after cleanliness

Even if you will cut vegetables into small pieces, fish will not eat them anyway. Vegetable start contaminating water in about 24 hours and, if not to take them out of the water, it will grow turbid considerably. But as for nettle or dandelion they have no negative effect, moreover, fish have being denying eating them during first 24 hours. Obviously, they have been still rather rough.

Flakes aquarium fish food is suitable for all kinds of food.

What to feed with

If you are not sure which vegetables to give as food for your fish, then these are main variants.

Green pea suits almost all fish kinds and they eat it with a great pleasure, because it helps their bowels to work properly. And been boiled a little bit, it is just utterly needed for goldfish. As they have condensed and deformed body, their visceras are condensed as well and this leads to constipations and diseases.

Healthy aquarium fish food contains a lot of useful elements.

If you need universal solution, which will be good for all the fish kinds, including catfishes, then cucumbers and marrow will suit.  Just cut them in pieces, boil a little bit and give to fish.


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