Vitamins for aquarium pets

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For sound nourishing fish need feed containing equal quality of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and microelements.

Different vitamins have various effects, and need in such vitamins also vary. Lack of one of the vitamins cannot be compensated by another. Vitamins, their importance for the organism and shortage occurrence in case of cheap and poor of vitamins fish feed usage are described below.

Dangerous aquarium pets are very rare.

Lack of vitamins leads to appetite absence and growth disorder. Apathetic and bad-looking fish are almost always a sign of vitamins deficiency.

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So you can see, what an important role has vitamins for fish health.

Vitamin В1 is necessary for conversion of carbohydrates into energy and for nerves and brain supply with sugar. Vitamin В1 deficiency may cause from liveliness impairment to convulsions.

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Vitamin В2 plays important role in protein usage, for muscle renewal and mucosal tunic protection. Vitamin В2 deficiency leads to hemorrhage under mucosal tunic and nervous system disorders.

Exotic aquarium pets are kept in large aquariums.

Vitamin В5 (Vitamin РР) plays an important role for different enzymes recover. Typical display of the vitamin shortage is clamps damage.

Vitamin B6 is of high importance for nervous system. Lack of this vitamin leads to nervous system disorder, which is manifested in agility impairment.

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Vitamin В12 is needed for digestive apparatus and also for hemoglobin recover, which is necessary for oxygen transportation. Vitamin В12 shortage causes red corpuscles deficiency and, afterwards, apathy and growth disturbance.

Vitamin А contributes to sight development and sound growth. Besides, it is very important for mucosal tunic protection and fertility.  Vitamin А deficiency causes eyes damage and hemorrhage under mucosal tunic.

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Vitamin С is important for skeleton recover. Moreover it plays an important role for immunity strengthening. Lack of Vitamin С results in clamps deformation and makes fish sensitive to diseases.

Vitamin D3 regulates calcium and phosphorus uptake and, hence, is very important for skeleton growth.  Shortage of Vitamin D3 causes bones deformation (rachitis).

Gravel for aquarium pets should be clean.

Vitamin Е stimulates fertile hormones production. Besides, it regulates other vitamins in feed, such as valuable fatty acids.

Vitamin Н (Biotin) is a growth stimulating factor. Hence, shortage of this vitamin causes growth interruption and also appetite absence and convulsions.

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Choline is necessary for fat digestion. Choline deficiency leads to fatty liver.


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