What is Arthrospira and why do we need it for common and exotic fish?

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Arthrospira is a kind of cyanobacteria, which occurs in warm water of tropical and subtropical lakes with very acidic water.  Arthrospira totally differs from other algae, because it is closer to bacteria than to plants, to be more exact, it occupies a niche between bacteria and plants.

The most useful arthrospira’s property is that it is rich with vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E. it is one of the most powerful sources of Vitamin В12 and, moreover, it contains beta-carotene and range of minerals. But these are not all, it also contains: 8 basic amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants.

Discus exotic fish has a very unusual form.

Unlike other microalgae such as chlorella, for example, which cells consist of rough cellulose, arthrospira’s cells consist of smooth cells, containing sugar and digestible protein.  Such composition is very important for tank fish, because it is easily digested and is very useful for fish’s gastrointestinal tract. As live food does not contain enough fiber, then feeding with only these foods can cause inflammations or gastrointestinal tract malfunction.  This problem can be easily solved by food containing a lot of plant substances.

Flat exotic fish usually live on the bottom.

But again, these are not all the profits for tank fish nourishing. Arthrospira lives in water rich with minerals, in which other kinds of plants cannot survive because of high acidity. But having adapted to such conditions, arthrospira can assimilate large amount of minerals, collecting them in its cells.

Funny exotic fish has a very funny look.

It is very important for tank fish feeding (as well as for all the animals), because it is rather difficult to provide them with all the necessary minerals.

Marine exotic fish needs special care.

But the main thing is that arthrospira has a stimulating effect on fish immune system. That is particularly why it is recommended to add it into menu of all tank fish kinds, even for predators. There are feeds with spirulina and smell of protein food, which were specially created for predatory fish.

Rare exotic fish can be of rather amazing color. It is worth noting, that such feeds are especially necessary for fish, whose natural ration contains large plant substances quantity. These are catfishes: gyrinocheilus, crossocheilus oblongus, ancistrus, pterygoplichthys and live-bearers:  guppies, mollies, swordtails and poecilias.

Saturated exotic fish can be a real decoration of your tank.

  • Nutriment content of spirulina:
  • Protein — 55%- 70%
  • Carbohydrates  — 15% – 25%
  • Fat — 6% – 8%
  • Minerals — 6 -13%
  • Fiber — 8% – 10%
School of exotic fish is keeping together.

Thus, spirulina will be an ideal plant supplementary feeding for your fish, irrespective of they are predatory, herbivorous or omnivorous.


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