What you need to know about the water of the home aquarium?

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You can’t run the fish in the water from the well (it is too hard), and the water from the tap (it has too high content of chlorine and other chemicals, which are harmful to fish). Our advice is to minimize harm from chemical additives, try to settle the water for a couple of weeks. If it difficult for you, let the water settles just for a few days.

Bright aquarium water draws a lot of attention.

You need to prepared basin, bucket or pan suitable container for these. If you have just recently buy an aquarium, and there is no inhabitants, you can pour water into it. So you kill two birds with one stone: the water is settled and the aquarium will be tested for leaks.

Many local pet stores sell special substances, which neutralize chlorine in the water. It is up to you to decide whether to use it or not. Even if you choose to use, it doesn`t mean that you don`t need to settle the water.

Clean aquarium water is a safe area for your fish.

As is known, water contains some gases in dissolved state. Not all of them are useful for the aquarium inhabitants. This is the chlorine, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and methane.

Only clear aquarium water is safe foryour pets.

It is important to spend time cleaning the aquarium, and not overpopulate it. Otherwise, imbalance characteristics of water may lead to diseases of fishes, even death.

Cool aquarium water makes a good impression.

Finally: any changes to the composition of water in the aquarium should be very smooth and take place gradually.

Coral aquarium needs special water

If you need to change the temperature, it should be no more than 3° C per hour. If you need to change the water, pay your attention to the fact that you can renowate, only a third of the total volume of liquid. If you need to move your pets into a new aquarium, you have to leave the part of the same water in the aquarium, because it already familiar to it.

Fresh aquarium water is appreciated by your fish.

In addition, it is important to make sure that the aquariums are free from the accidentally hitting items that can release chemicals into the water and any organic substances.

Inhabited aquarium needs water cleaning.

How often should I change water

The water should be changed partly once a week or more, due to evaporation. To clean and to change the water tank is completely necessary in order to the extent of pollution, but surely once a month.

Ordinary aquarium water should be kept in special containers at home.

If some of the fishes died, it is desirable to replace the water in the aquarium, particularly if it had died from an infectious disease, you need to save from the infection others inhabitants of the small or large fish tanks. After that, it is better not to run the fish in an aquarium a few days until it is restored the biological balance, suitable for fish.


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Planted aquarium needs a lot of clean water Salt aquarium water needs special care.Aquarium water should be changed twice a month. Clean aquarium water is usually transparent.If your aquarium is of unusual form it may be difficult to change the water there.Beautiful aquarium water should be clean and suitable. Blue aquarium water looks really interesting.

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