Where to arrange small and large aquariums

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Psychologists say that aquarium helps to resist stresses, irritability and aggression; there are enough negative situations in everyday life.  But before going to the nearest pet-shop and buying a tank, it is necessary to decide where future “fish house” will be placed.

On the whole, place for “underwater kingdom” location may be in drawing-room, cabinet, bedroom, hall and even in the kitchen. The main demand is not to place it in direct sunlight. Moreover, it is even recommended to place it in the darkest place of the room. Bright light is necessary only during spawning and hypovitaminosis period, that is why it is necessary to install special lighting. In all the other time extra light will do only harm, because in bright lighting microscopical green algae start growing in the water.

Bright and crowded large aquariums need care and attention.

Eastern side of the flat will be quite a good place for the tank. It is necessary to remember, that tank is to be placed on considerable distance from the window, in such a way to be lighted from its front and lateral side, i.e. near the wall perpendicular or opposite to the window.

Hall large aquariums share comfort.

The least appropriate will be room, which window looks to the South, in this case it will be necessary to place “fish house” not closer than on distance of 2-2.5 meters from it.  If your window looks to the North, then place the tank near it, if to the West – a little bit farther. Artificial tank’s lighting should not be forgotten.

Home large aquariums need a lot of time for caring.

The main helper in this case is luminescent lamps. Cool freshwater aquarium fish appreciate this thing. What is the advantage of lighting? It is in possibility to regulate it easily, adjusting to water inhabitants’ demands; while bright sunlight may cause changes in fish behavior and even become a reason of physical changes.

Living room large aquariums are usually used as an interior decoration.

Also stress may be caused by heating sources placed near the “underwater kingdom”, apartments full of tobacco smoke, draughts as well. It is good if tank’s height coincides with sitting (or standing) person’s eyes. Because “fish house” must be available both for its maintenance and observing.

Magnificent large aquariums can be found in the trade centers.

Traditional 10 gallon aquarium or tank may be placed on bedside-table, table or special pedestal. It must stand firmly, and not to swing. In-built tanks look rather beautiful. On request they can be set into bookcase, bar and office furniture. The same spectacularly looks a long tank, which can divide the room into two parts.

Marine large aquariums cost a lot

But one should remember, that algae must be placed in the middle of such tank for fish to feel protected. Because it is very pleasant to observe healthy fish swimming.  Moreover, namely these fish are able to bring harmony, calmness and positive emotions – things which are usually of great shortage in everyday life.


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Office large aquariums make the premise more interesting. Restaurant large aquariums are now in trend. Rounded large aquariums need a lot of space. Shop large aquariums are usually very interesting. Tall and large aquariums draw a lot of attention. Tall large aquariums can be arranged even in the narrow premises. Trade center large aquariums attract a lot of customers. Bar large aquariums can bring special atmosphere. Bedroom large aquariums are usually set along the wall.

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