Why do we need fish tank filtration?

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All lovers of home aquarium are united by one idea: to create the aquarium, which will be pleasing to the eye with bright, healthy fish, beautiful plants, decoration and harmoniously fit into the room. As a rule you can buy all these things in aquarium shops.

The filter in the aquarium is very important item among all aquarium parts, it performs several functions. The most important of these are: purification of water from dirt particles and pollutants and the creation of flow and oxygenation. The designs of filters are many: simple interior ("glasses"), external (canister), hinged,

There are different sizes of fish tank filtration

Sampo, and so on, but they have one principle of action: pump runs the water through the compartments with the filter materials. You should buy a filter with multiple compartments. At first the water is cleared of turbidity passing through coarse or fine sponge - so committed mechanical water treatment. Then water is sent to the biological treatment compartment.

Over time there formed colonies of nitrifying bacterias, which convert harmful ammonia, a product of fish waste into less toxic substances. This area must be a special filler - for example, zeolite or "biological ball".

You can find a lot of filters for fish tank filtration

If it is more filler, surface area is bigger, more beneficial bacterias will settle there, which has a positive impact on the biofiltration aquarium. The same or the next compartment can be activated carbon and other special remedy of absorbing harmful chemicals from the water. If in the filter are not additional compartments, bacterias will settle on the sponge. For this reason, you should not buy a tiny filter with the minimum volume of the filter material.

Fish tank filtration is really simple in use

Also, the power pump is important. Ideally, it should be pumped 5-10 tank volumes per hour. The manufacturer usually specifies this option on the packaging.

You shouldn't forget to buy some fixation for fish tank filtration

Type of filter depends on the type of aquarium. For mini-aquariums fit small external, mounted filters, internal filters. Some manufacturers insert in filters of different designs on the cover or the back wall of the aquarium. For large aquariums with lots of fish install filter with a reserve power.

You should know how to create fish tank filtration

For creating extra flow and filtration in a large aquarium add an internal filter. If possible, do not skimp when you choose a filter, because it is the most important item of equipment in the aquarium.


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Long and narrow fish tank filtration is suitable for short aquariums.Modern construction of fish tank filtration is a complicated system.Ordinary fish tank filtration is a simple construction. Parts of simple fish tank filtration should be easy to replace. Different pipes are fixed for fish tank filtration You can take a simple model of fish tank filtration Typical fish tank filtration is sold in every shop. Using of fish tank filtration is really important. Cleaning of fish tank filtration has to be correct. Complicated system of fish tank filtration is usually installed in marine aquariums

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