Why is fish tank air pump needed in the aquarium?

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The important air pump role in the fish house lies in water aerating. You will need this device for all fish tank sizes. Solute oxygen is necessary not only for fish, but also for bio-filters and plants.

It is a vitally important stuff for exotic fish tanks, snails and other tank inhabitants. And at night-time almost all plants in the tank start oxygen consuming. Because process of photosynthesis interrupts with light absence. Besides plants, oxygen is also actively consumed by bacteria, which take part in bio-filtration process thanks to pump; hence tank’s natural filter cannot go without oxygen as well. So, where does the oxygen appears from in fish house, when the pump is absent or turned off? It gets into water from surface water layer, which directly contacts with the air. Contemporary fish tank air pump is always on sale
And the bigger water surface area contacts with air, and the more oxygen concentration is in the air, the better tanks’ water saturates with it. It means, that if you like to raise effectiveness of oxygen water saturation process, you should think over more frequent ventilation of the room, where the tank is placed. The second variant is proper ventilation of this room and the utmost wide tank together along with its minimum height. An important detail for fish tank air pump

And now some words about oxygen solubility in water. It has its scope: the warmer water is the less gas it can retain. In other word, if water temperature is 22 degrees Centigrade, then there will be enough oxygen for fish breathing. But if temperature will rise till 28 degrees Centigrade, inhabitants of fish house will start suffering from utter oxygen lack. If there is oxygen shortage, fish starts swimming in upper water layers, thus saving the situation. In these particular situations air pump is needed in the tank. It is necessary, when a lot of aquarium fish and plants, snails and shrimps inhabit the tank.

Different kinds of fish tank air pump can be of various sizes.

And moreover, if there is a powerful external filter among the rest of fish house’s equipment, then it is impossible to get on without air pump indeed.   Its urgency also increases in summer, when air temperature rises to high degrees and there is no air-conditioner in the apartment with the fish tank. It is important not to forget, that it is necessary to keep tank’s air pump permanently switched on.

Fish tank air pump is really noiseless in use

As for pulp noise, it is necessary to orient on less noisy models from the very beginning and take it into account when buying this device. And if you still strongly need to reduce pump’s noise level, then it is better to maintain it on elastic legs.


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